Whispers of a Womanist

A Black Female Perspective…

Unforgettable, A Review

Unforgettable is a contemporary thriller that uses a traditional formula to stealthily depict societal anxieties around othered assimilation into traditionally white spaces. The film opens with Julia's (Rosario Dawson), job departure. Following her engagement to financier turned entrepreneur David (Geoff... Continue Reading →

Girl, They Do Not Really Care About You: The Role of The Contemporary Black Female Body

Feminism is perhaps the biggest villain to black female intersectionality. Seducing the black female body to place gender before race, feminism thwarts the essential unity between females of the black collective to foment the initiatives of “all” women, and by... Continue Reading →

Ebony and Ivy: An Optimist’s Illusion

High school senior Ifeoma White Thorpe recently made headlines for her admittance to eight American Ivy League schools. The story proved newsworthy due to the following: It substantiates ideas surrounding whites and their superior institutions: Thorpe accomplished what many whites... Continue Reading →

Bon Voyage For Now, or Forever? Travel the and Temperate Escape

I journeyed to New Orleans as a college freshman in Spring of 2007. Like millions throughout the world, I  heard of the damage caused by Katrina and seen the images on television of blacks planted on top of their homes... Continue Reading →

Where are the Black Women? Blackness and Black Female Portrayal

A friend recently informed me about Greenleaf, a show on Oprah Winfrey’s channel OWN that features a predominately black cast. I tuned to the channel excitedly, only to be disappointed to see a pattern consistent with black female representation--a racially... Continue Reading →

How Black are Black Businesses?

Supporting black businesses is a cherished pastime of most within the black conscious community. From eating at black restaurants that cook in a similar manner to your relatives, to buying hair products from someone with the same hair goals —supporting... Continue Reading →

Why I Won’t Date a White Man

When I first started dating my boyfriend, he took me to a wharf alongside the Belt Parkway of New York City. It was the middle of the night and the city wore an unfamiliar silence as we walked alongside one... Continue Reading →

Celebrations and Contributing to a Conscious Kingdom

I turned twenty-nine this week, and it was different yet somehow similar to all the other “birthdays” I had since turning 18. If you’re lucky, as a child a parent, sibling, teacher or caretaker will assume the burden of making... Continue Reading →

About the Pulled Pepsi Ad…

This week, Pepsi released a protest inspired advertisement that starred Kendall Jenner of the infamous Kardashian family. The advertisement showed Jenner ditching conventionality by tossing a blonde wig and goth lipstick to join protestors on the street. Upon joining these... Continue Reading →

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