For Colored Girls Who Fear the Sun During Summertime

To my sun kissed sisters
who fear the further
browning of their
already brown skin,
I hear your silent cries
as you evade “the
kryptonite of your beauty” otherwise known as
the summer sun.
However the complexities of
your color are nothing but
lies to get you to run from the sun
as our majority counterparts run towards it
rejoice brown girl
in the gold embedded in your skin
in the majesty of your color
for others see the sun as a goldmine
a conduit to a fortune you already have.

For brown girls who fear the sun during summer time, listen to this tale as a remedy for all you have been conditioned to believe.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful baby who lived in the sky. Her skin was colorless. The transparency of her skin made it easy for onlookers to see the blood circulating through her full lips, and the air flowing through her strong nose. Her spirit was gentle yet unwaveringly strong. Her features and body as full as her heart and mind. Her inner beauty exuded outward, a rarity that no one had ever seen before.

Overwhelmed with affection for this remarkable being, the creator, Neron kisses her with such love and admiration that her skin becomes brown. The others watch in amazement as this round faced and round bodied being turns a golden brown, much like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. To capture her beauty, Neron calls her Ebony.

Kindred to the essence of Ebony, the other transparents were kissed by Neron as well. Neron kissed them with varying intensity, making them turn diverse shades of brown. From the darkest chocolate to the milkiest beige, the other “ebonies” were varying in shades but consistent in beauty. The sun kissed sweethearts of the sky were placed in the warm climate of Africa, designed to maintain the beauty of their complexion.

As Neron worked to populate the remainder of the earth, the Ebonies of African remained unique in the color of their skin. Neron got a mirage of complaints from inhabitants of colder climates about their inability to achieve that golden tone. The creator searched every cloud in the sky for a silver lining. Neron then decided to invent a source that would mirror the intensity of the kiss he gave to Ebony. Neron called this source “the sun.” The sun would be most intense during the summer, which provided the ability for others to get access to the gold of Ebony through increased exposure.

So brown girls do not fear the sun, rather let it be a reminder of how much you were loved in the sky. Let the yearning of others to get the gold you were born with, make you smile and appreciate the gift of a lifetime.

Any statement of your inferiority is untrue,
by those who anticipate the summer to look more like you.Black young girl

#forcoloredgirls #blackfeministthought #summertime #funfables #blackfemaleempowerment

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