Phallusy: The Blue in the American Flag


The Blues of the Blue Collar Bully

The abundance of police brutality on the black community has taken over both the personal and political of contemporary society. Perhaps now is an ideal cause to contemplate the profile of our offenders.Despite being offered white collar privileges, the police profession is literally blue collar. The academy is largely composed of majority males who are not afforded a white collar upbringing and often lack the formal intellect to succeed in a collegiate environment. While the police academy isn’t Harvard, it affords the opportunity to exercise majority ambitions. When I say majority ambitions I am speaking directly to the concept of manifest destiny.

The Malice of Manifest Destiny

Manifest destiny arrogantly asserts Western entitlement to the terrain of others. Much of the ability to achieve this “destiny,” has been through the white man’s ability to induce fear and ignorance in those designated as his subordinates. This fear is the first in a series of acts use to dismantle their constituents, detaching them from the truth and ultimately themselves.

The phallic instruments used by the police perform within this ideology of manifest destiny as these guns manifest a seized destiny of European rule. The phallic instruments or guns are used to construct the fallacy of power, of which white men work to mentally castrate the black community through their presumed disposability.

This mental castration is also not a new concept in race relations. To manipulate the illusion of greatness, whites have traditionally sexually abused black women during slavery to castrate the black male through intrusion of their conjugal sanctity.

Through the murder of black men, white men assert themselves as the determining factor as to whether these men live or die. The murders of black women also occurred, at the same rate that sexual abuse happened to black men, however knowledge of both are regarded ambivalently because of how they reflect the white male. Violence between men and sex between men and women are largely regarded as normative behavior in society, violence between men and women and sex between men, although present are still highly regarded as taboo.

The Phallus of Pinnochio

The ideas of manifest destiny connect to ideas of white privilege. White privilege is not only bearing an entitlement to everything but never having to acknowledge any wrongdoing, or issue an apology. Those of the majority are afforded oblivion following any questionable act. After the trial and minor any consequences are issued, those of the majority are allowed to carry on as if nothing every happened. They are never made to consider the life taken, or the impact of the loss on the families or communities of the slain.


The fallacies or phallusy of white males accumulate to form a pedestal of which they place themselves. The accumulation of said fallacies make me think about Pinnochio, the fictional Disney character whose nose grew with each lie he told. The product of these lies was a phallic form of a nose. The depiction of fallacies as producing a phallic object enables my use of phallusy. Phallusy describes the mistruths by majority males that are enforced through the use of a phallic instrument.

Unable to serve in the cabinet of the White House, or in the local community counsel, these blue-clad cowards hide behind the barrel of a gun, attempting to compensate for a limp and deflated ego. Many of those outside the black diaspora take a job in the police force as an attempt to grasp self importance they’ve been unable to attain in other areas of their lives. The act of asserting said self importance is often perfumed on the bodies of blacks. The black bodies bear the burden of European deficiency in both contemporary and traditional society. This burden partially stems from the presumed sexual superiority of black males. Despite the societal disenfranchisement of black men, their sexual superiority is often source of anxiety for men outside the black diaspora. In addition to sexual stereotypes, black men are also stereotypically regarded highly for their strength and athletic inclination. Despite these attributes being largely stereotypical they are still a source of anxiety. Thus, the murder of black males works as an attempt to castrate the phallical appeal and promise of black males.

The control and relevance of this white male presence is solely reliant on these fallacies. Fallacies enable the phallic presence of the white male. hate themselves and love every attribute of their opposites.

The disenfranchisement and continued oppression of both black men and women is in the reality of their disposability in American society. At every corner lies the potential of death or incarceration, whereas their majority counterparts opportunity at every corner.  To be black is to the back that whites use a pedestal for the fallacy of their greatness. Politics brutality is just an exercise of constructed power, used to continue the devaluing of black bodies.

There is something that takes over a coward when he is issued a gun or a badge. The phallic instrument, be it a gun, bat or penis tricks a coward into thinking he actually has the phallus believed to measure him into manhood. To beat, kill, or rape is to perform under the fallacy of this phallus. So while the blues certainly lies in the privileged role in distorting ethical perception, it is seen through these shootings veiling white male insecurity.

If the only way you can feel alive is by killing, and the only way you can have power is through manipulation you are the blue of the American flag. You are the monster that you’ve deflected onto the black male. You are the sexually deviant that you’ve thrust upon the black female body. You are the coward,the criminal, the murder or the red white and blue of the American Flag. The blue represents the collar of those who protect and serve in the interest of a jaded legacy, the white depicts whom this destiny was manifested to, and the red represents the blood of the slain, or how this destiny was manifested.

american flag

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