The Black Female Faces of My Childhood…

In honor of Women’s History Month I compiled a list to commemorating the brown faces that that shaped my childhood as a budding black woman. 

How many of these do you remember? 

Tia and Tamara Mowry from Sister Sister  ss

Who didn’t want to be the Mowry twins growing up? From their beautiful hair to their cute twin rhetoric, down to “Go home roger” they were sweet, classy and entertaining.

Brandy as Moesha  


Brandy, as the first black Cinderella and the queen of the silver screen, Brandy was the queen of the 90s. Growing up I would hear Brandy on the radio, turn on the television and she would be there too! She showed the versatility of black femininity while only a child herself! 

Angela from Boy Meets World  Boy-Meets-World---Trina-McGree-then-jpg

This show was intoxicating, and it was pretty cool that Angela tamed bad boy Shawn Hunter. 

Kellie Shanygne Williams, as Laura Winslow on Family Matters  


Laura stole simultaneously stole the hearts of Steve Urkel and America  as the girl next door. 

Lark Voorhies, as Lisa Turtle on Saved By the Bell  


Stylish, assertive and cute: Lisa paved the way for many of the young black actress that would arise in the 90s. 

Stacy Dash as Dionne from Clueless  


 Even though Cher was pegged the beauty,Dionne’s brown skin and thick locks stole every scene. It was also admirable that although Dionne looked like a model, she wanted to be a doctor.  

Patti Mayonaise from Doug

 Even though it was later revealed that Patty was just tan, as a child I admired Patti for her brown skin and raspy voice.  Patti 

Tatyana Ali as Ashley from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air

With her sepia skin, lush dark locks and the pipes to tackle Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” Tatyana was the girl we all wanted to be!   tatyana-ali-getty-2 

Reagan Gomez Preston as Zaria from the Parenthood
Zaria had the silkiest press in the nineties! Reagan-Gomez-Preston1

Meagan Good as Nina from Cousin Skeeter  

Although a supporting character, this was the beginning go several roles Good would launch in the early and mid 2000s 

Andrea Lewis as Hazel on Degrassi 

Lewis brought my shade to the forefront of my favorite series!  hazel2

Sarah Barrable Tishauer as Liberty from Degrassi  boring-liberty
As the cliche overachiever, I admired Liberty’s ambition, curly locks and assertive confidence!

Gabrielle Union as Keesha Hamilton from 7th Heaven 

I was only eight years old when I watched the first episode of 7th Heaven. Seeing a young Gabrielle Union on my favorite show contributed to my confidence as a budding black woman. 

Susie from The Rugrats


Donning a hair style close to the hearts of many black women all the way down to the berets at the end -Susie literally mirrored black female childhood.  As a natural leader, Susie depicts black girls as beginning their reign as queens in their sandbox days. 

 Collaboratively these images capture the beauty, resilience, and intelligence of black womanhood. As an adult I can conceptualize just how meaningful these images were in crafting my confidence as a black woman. Cheers to these actresses for showcasing the many sides of black femininity.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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  1. Kushite Prince says:

    This is a pretty good list. I watched a lot of these shows too. this brings back a lot of memories looking at these pics. I actually had the please of meeting a few of them. I met Tia and Tamara Mowry back in 2000 at a family function. A fellow co-worker actually knew them and they were really nice girls. I also have met Trina McGee-Davis at a coffee shop in Los Angeles. I was actually leaving the shop and she was walking towards me. I said “Aren’t you the girl from Boy Meets World?” I couldn’t remember her name at the moment. She just laughed and said “My name is Trina.” She was really cool about it though. She was really down to earth and seemed happy that I recognized her. But out here in cali you can bump into celebs almost anywhere. Through the years I’ve seen quite a few in person. Queen Latifah,Tyrese,Jessica Alba,Paula Abdul and Rod Stewart,Blair Underwood,Karyn Parsons,James Avery(Fresh Prince of Bel Air)..just to name a few. I just have never met the one woman I would LOVE to meet…..Meagan Good. She’s married now anyway so

    1. Saaraa Bailey says:

      You know I actually met Meagan Good a few summers ago with my brother at a mall in Long Island. She is truly beautiful 🙂

      We have a lot of exposure to celebrities here also, but in NY we all feel like stars so it is just like seeing a familiar face. After all, celebs are just people who make their living in Hollywood…

      1. Kushite Prince says:

        You met Meagan??? I hate you now!lol Yeah NY is full of celebs too. I don’t really get star struck anymore. You see them out and about so much. But they’re just people like anyone else. They just have fame and money. But I don’t doubt Meagan’s beauty at all. I have a co-worker that met her a movie theater one time. he said she was stunning. I hate him

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