Black Woman, You Are Loved…

” I am overwhelmed by the grace and persistence of my people.” Maya Angelou

To continue celebrating Women History’s Month, I compiled some quotes that colorfully respond to the question:

What is it that you love or appreciate about black women? 


To me no other race comes close to the black woman, you have every color, body type and personality. The black woman is so bad she takes first and second place…” JS

I love my versatility!” CJ

We age well!” JAS

Their defiance, their courage, royalty, their curvaceous bodies, their pride.” MJ

I love the assertiveness and drive. I think black women not only have to deal with issues of race but also deal with getting 2nd class treatment from society and even black men. And even through all of that black women are the most educated demographic in the country.

I also love how protective they are of their loved ones and community. “ MCB


I appreciate the strength they provide for their families and the loyalty they have for their  friends.” LJ

“The thing that I love most about black women is their ability to embody and balance strength and tenderness like no other race. To me when I look at the women who nurtured me growing up- my mother, aunts, and grandma I can always remember going to them not just for comfort but during those times typically associated as “the mans job” in the family. As I’ve moved through life this strength has echoed with many of black female role model figures in my life from my teachers to my professional peers.” RCG

” I appreciate our shared experience. I love black woman because I love myself. I empathized with their  strengths, weaknesses, flaws and perfections.” OB

“I hate it when they portray images of black women as being lazy, diff baby daddies, using the govt and angry. I saw a lot of black single mothers who worked very hard growing up but rarely witnessed those stereotypes.” CJ

While I wish I had more, I hope these quotations whisper in the minds of black women inspiring them to hold their heads just a little higher. After all, we must be sure not to drop our crowns :-)***


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  1. Kushite Prince says:

    And strong,
    Different words,
    Same meaning.
    She is a strong black woman.

    Captured and beaten,
    Tied and bound,
    You endured the Middle Passage,
    Was dragged into a new land,
    You held your head high.
    You are a strong black woman.

    In the fields all day,
    Hot, blazing sun beating down,
    They stripped away your language,
    They took your clothing and made you look like a slave,
    But you never bowed,
    You are a strong black woman.

    I saw you till the soil,
    Bend your back to make things grow,
    Saw you cooking food,
    That you could not even eat,
    Saw you washing clothes,
    Mending shirts,
    Growing flowers to adorn the house you could not sleep in.
    And not once did you shed a tear,
    You are a strong black woman.

    They bred you like horses,
    And sold your children like they were dogs,
    They took them away in chains,
    While you stood screaming,
    And then you prayed to God,
    Because you are a strong black woman.

    In times of jim crow you shouldered the weight,
    Brought food home when I could not even work,
    Borne the children,
    Cleaned the house,
    And raised my children.
    A strong black woman.

    You brought God inside,
    So we could talk,
    About our toils and pain,
    You sat Him there and He listened,
    And gave us relief,
    We marched for freedom,
    And you were at my side.
    Went to jail when I did,
    Stayed awake and held me in your lap.
    You comforted my every fear,
    Gave me courage when I had none.
    Washed my face with the hem of your dress,
    Cleansed the matter from my eyes so I could see,
    Prayed for me when I did not for my self.
    You are a strong black woman.

    You taught me to read
    You taught me to write,
    How to eat with a fork,
    How to tie my tie,
    You taught me grace and kindness,
    You taught me how to treat my fellow man,
    You found the goodness in my heart,
    And nurtured it and made it grow.
    For all you`ve done I can never repay,
    Nor can I do the same for you,
    And despite all of that… you smile at me,
    And pull me to your bosom for love,
    I thank God for you,
    And that you are a strong black woman. ❤

    1. Saaraa Bailey says:

      This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing 😉

      1. Kushite Prince says:

        It’s an old poem. Thought you might like it. 🙂

  2. Belinda says:

    who drew these

    1. All images are from google.

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