Lipstick and Heels: Black Business Spotlight

Beauty is a central to the female experience. Originally excluded from the term woman, femininity–a privilege not allotted to the traditional black female, circumscribed black female beauty into an imposed masculinity. Contemporary culture welcomes black consumers– a relationship that falsely suggests an inclusion not manifested by popular brands.  Brands like MAC, NARS and Sephora earn extensive profit from black women, yet black hues and features remain an afterthought in a pale palette industry.

The remedy for exclusion and exploitation takes form in patronizing black-owned beauty companies. Although few and far between, black-owned beauty companies not only present an opportunity to circulate the black dollar within the black community, but place black female intersectionality as central.

This post highlights young black entrepreneurs Kirsten Brown (Gold Label Cosmetics)  and  Eleanor Anukam (of Eleanor Anukam footwear) who simultaneously pave their own paths and a path for the black female collective.

Company: Gold Label Cosmetics      glc

Owner: Kirsten Brown 


Gold Label Cosmetics provides lipsticks and lip-pens to goad a woman’s natural beauty.



Nairobi– a brown girl’s nude.

Wear it when you wish to personify #iwokeuplikedis

Empowering– a statement red.

Wear it when you want to paint the town as red as your lips. 

Dark children: red wine shade

Wear it with that little black dress on a Friday night.

Gold Label Cosmetics has a mirage of colors from pinks to browns to reds. Visit her website to find your shade today.


Company: Eleanor Anukam       eanukam

Owner: Eleanor Anukam


A mixture of heels and flats for the “plus-sized foot.” Shoes offer something for the working professional, women with a flat shoe fetish and the high- heeled lover. The shoes come with a signature plush pink shoe bag.


Akuchakuchipumpi: A classic pump with a four inch heel and leather exterior.

Wear this to work and everyone will swear you “work” on the runway.


For your fall wardrobe make (buying) “black” your best accessory!



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