Decrypting The Sociopathy of the Oppressed

Whitney Elizabeth Houston was once a shining light of American culture. She was beautiful and unbelievably talented. Her voice possessed an unearthly perfection that serenaded the entire world. With songs like “How Will I know,” and “ I Want to Dance with somebody,” Houston was pop culture royalty. But her reign would eventually turn sour and function to depict Houston as a self-destructive black female brought down by fame and fortune.

A world that once found hope in her bright smile and high notes, now turned their backs on a star dimmed by personal tragedy. A community that once crowned Houston their queen, now regarded her as a drug-addicted peasant, undeserving of riches that seemed the answer to all quotidian problems.

White supremacy racial psychopath seduced many within the black community to turn against Houston, and dismiss her demise and death as suicidal. This racial psychopathy incited many blacks to believe that Houston was not only responsible for her own death, but for the death of her child. This act may seem innocuous but in actuality ignores a cruel truth, Houston and her sole beneficiary were disposable once deemed more valuable dead than alive. Many would disregard Houston as systemized, regarding Houston as they do others members of our community that are seen to be acting out of self interest not a product of a system designed for their failure. Houston marks the height of an oppressed mindset, where a nurtured black oblivion allows whites to literally get away with murder. Law would deem actions causation at best and conspiracy at worst, the black conscious gaze simply labels said cruelty white supremacy.

This nurtured black oblivion is a facet of oppressed sociopathy, a mental illness that seduces the oppressed mindset to implement western truth as their own and in turn endure a lethal dose of western fiction.

A Chicago Boy

Decades ago, a young, charismatic, handsome black male committed what the western world labeled a petty crime. Although only supposedly “stealing” seventy dollars, the young man would die in prison, denied an opportunity to implement his self-imposed rehabilitation. This young man was none other than George Jackson. Despite defeating every opportunity designed to destroy him, the white media and penitentiary system will paint him as a vicious “thug” or “criminal” the world was safer without. Sources would say nothing about the crime of poverty which landed a systemically disenfranchised Jackson beside numerous others black males like himself in jail, or the racial sociopathy that prompted his own relative to turn him over to the police, doing what systemic disenfranchisement conditioned the oppressed to believe was “the right thing.” But what is so right about turning a teenaged black boy into a white institution, an institution funded by the same means that fostered black poverty and severed black unity?

As members of an oppressed race, every thought, speech and action reflects the influence of our oppressors. As Dr. Bobby Wright articulates in his essay “The Racial Psychopath” the black body lacks free will, as their once enslaved bodies prove a gateway to an enslaved ideology. This mental enslavement produces an oppressive sociopathy, where the oppressed emulates the behavior of their oppressor but cannot rise to their level of empathetic dissonance.

The racial psychopath and oppressed sociopath develop their conditions as a means to survive. To an extent, both conditions are reactionary—however, oppressed sociopathy is birthed from racial psychopathy as a necessity to persecute black persons in America.

This post will implement Dr. Frances Cress Wesling’s definition of racism outlined in the following excerpt from The Isis Papers:

The Color Confrontation theory recognizes racism as one of the dominating forces determining character development, personality and formation type. Therefore, a functional definition of racism (white supremacy), is the behavioral syndrome of individual and collective color inferiority and numerical inadequacy that includes patterns of thought, speech and action, as seen in members of the white organization (race).

Science categorizes sociopathy by “antisocial behavior,” or an individual who performs actions deemed detrimental to themselves or society at large. The oppressed sociopath is a member of the black collective whose inability or unwillingness to acknowledge and accept racism proves harmful to the individual and the black collective, thwarting the essential unity needed for our advancement as a people.  The oppressed sociopath is a central member of a chain gang that holds hands across centuries of mental enslavement. Their behavior often proves a gateway If not the direct cause for consequences displaced onto the black body such as death, incarceration, miseducation or misallocated resources.

The following are a list of the oppressed sociopaths that populate the black collective.

  1. The Alternate Reality Seekers

One of the crucial components of an oppressed sociopath is creating an alternative reality. This reality is often bizarre yet favorable. The oppressed mind creates an idealistic version of themselves in which they have no intention on working to achieve in anywhere other than their minds.

Examples: A clearly plus-sized person may speak convincingly about being a size 2 or 4
A cowardly person may refer to themselves as courageous.
Individuals may reference books they’ve never read and people they’ve barely met or spoken too as close friends or colleagues.

This act is an attempt to glue together what Dr. Wade Noble refers to as a “fractured identity.” In this created identity, the black sociopath attempts to appease western standards they deem unattainable or challenging.

2. Addicted to Any Means of Escapism

Alcohol/Drug Abuse, The Emotional Shopper, etc

This black sociopath is driven mad by white supremacy and seeks self-medication in the drugs made more easily accessible than any other conventional opportunity like education, wealth, or business ownership.

3. Worshipping any form of a White Jesus

Blacks who quote or find inspiration in white figures like Joel Osteen, or white people in general.

Another example are the black women who found hope in Hilary Clinton despite all she’s done to disenfranchise the black community over the last twenty-five years.

This is a common form of escapism in which the black sociopath, unwilling to accept the evilness of white people, instead deems themselves deficient sans the influence of whites.

4. The Interracial Enthusiasts

Youtubers like My name is Josephine have what appears to be a successful Youtube channel, where she articulates a fatal misunderstanding of racism. Racial Psychopaths are sure to make room for this kind of oppressed sociopath. So while those who speak truth are often banned (or killed) when their platform gets too large, confused black bodies like My Name Is Josephine gain an opportunity to make a living and make a fool of herself as caricatured black clown clad with a wig and makeup.

5. Those who damn their own and do not seek a bigger picture
This is perhaps the most common. The oppressed sociopath limits the struggles of blacks in the black community to blacks. These melanated bodies blame blacks for the death of black people citing the mythic “black on black crime,” and reference black incivility for underdeveloped black areas. Perhaps the biggest problem with these melanated individuals is that they invest heavily in individualism and mentally disassociate from the collective. Rather than conceptualizing blackness a shared experience, when these individuals reference “blacks” in seemingly self-deprecating phrases or actions, they reference a demographic they see as beneath themselves, taking a self-proclaimed position beneath whites but above blacks.

6. The “optimists”

This individual believes that “good” will come from ignoring color and upholding humanistic ideology, despite the immense evilness that runs through white veins to no consequence. The optimists believes that there is a line that whites will not pass to ensure their survival. A central component in understanding white supremacy is to accept what my late grandfather always said “nothing is too low.” Whites are able to get away with all they’ve done and continue to do, mainly because most blacks cannot fully conceptualize the extent of white evil. There is nothing whites won’t do, say or believe to “win.” If you a black person think a white person did something to you—do not second guess this feeling. You’re right— even if you can not prove it. If you a black person face unsettling feelings about an action or believe something said to you did not quite feel right—its because it was not. NOTHING is impossible for these racial psychopaths. Be aware and stay ready. The “optimist” is not really optimistic but oblivious to white evil or unwilling to acknowledge it.

7. The Individual

This person believes because they achieved some conventionality, be it monetary or professional, others who are unable to do the same are lazy and uninspired.

For example, let’s say there are two brothers. One may make a good living and the other may rely on government assistance. The brother who makes his own money may compartmentalize his sibling as “lazy” with the the reason that if he can do it, everyone can. Individual consummation of conventional success does not reverse collective disenfranchisement. We as a collective must realize that a moment or lifetime in the gleam of material or intangible accolades does not erase the darkness that hovers over blackness throughout the diaspora. It is this same kind of thinking that seduced many to believe that things were so much better because Barack Obama was president. The appointment of a melanated man to the commanding office did not erased the black men killed in the street, the black women raped to no consequence, the black children miseducated, and the black bodies tortured in institutions from mental asylums to jails.

In writing this piece, I want to clearly state that I am not aiming to judge any member of the black collective. To do so would be an attempt to maintain a position above other blacks and paints me in the same blurred image of my oppressors. As stated in the studies and teachings of black psychologists like Dr. Bobby Wright, Dr. Amos Wilson, and Dr. Francis Cress Wesling, failing to understand the complexity of white supremacy, constitutes mental illness. Dr. Cress-Wesling wrote:

The process of decoding a power system and its culture is a necessary first step to achieve behavioral mastery over that system/culture. The attainment of such mastery is an essential step in the process of total liberation for the victims who wish to end that oppression and regain their self-respect and mental health. Without this process of decoding, the oppressed fail to fully understand what they are dealing with; they have minimal levels of consciousness and self/group-respect, and they are, functionally speaking, mentally ill.

It is this mental illness that breeds a culture of confusion. This confusion deters progress replacing reality with fiction. The extent of racial psychopathy will never be taught in Psychology 101, because white supremacists have nothing to gain by teaching the oppressed of their oppression. In fact, formal education, television, books, music, art, comics, etc all function to lure blacks into a state of mental illness veiled as intellect or culture. Jails just exists to further control those outside of the jail, falsely suggesting that prison is an actual place and not a state of mind. To be a victim of racism is to be imprisoned everywhere, every moment of your life. To be free is to exist beyond the tangible. To see through the brick wall of white supremacy to the other side. To see white supremacists for the heartless beings they are, and to not only know your truth but to stand in it.

This oppressed  sociopathy implements a western truth and thereby functions as normal. As a result, many will read this post and declare the assertions sheer ludicracy—becoming defensively sensitive to an analysis that mirrors themselves and those that they know. It is the reluctance of the oppressed sociopath to accept his or her condition that allows cyclical disenfranchisement to function surreptitiously.

It is through the teachings and guidance of our black doctors, black elders, and ancestors like Dr. Bobby Wright, Dr. Amos Wilson and Dr. Francis Cress Wesling. that permit the black collective to saw off the chains of white supremacy and break the cycle of mental enslavement. But as with any illness, healing begins with disclosure.

Can you think of another kind of oppressed sociopathy?