Impeaching Trump: An Empty Gesture

Since his inauguration, there has been extensive chatter surrounding impeaching Donald Trump. This conversation frequents many conversations between blacks, and amongst whites in a desperate pursuit to appear liberal in comparison to the American conservative. To the conscious gaze, the white liberal and conservative are indistinguishable and rightfully so. For this reason, the conscious gaze understands that impeaching Trump, much like the liberal label, is all show and no substance.


Impeaching Trump, or speaking of his impeachment is a pseudo vow for change, but in reality merely expresses a preference for covert oppression. To illustrate this point, it is imperative to note that many of those wishing for Trump’s impeachment were and are supporters of Hilary Clinton. Admittedly, Clinton is not as bad as Trump. She’s worse.  Clinton is worse that Trump because she pretends to like blacks as much as she loves the benefits from our cyclical disenfranchisement.

This fact reveals that many mistake suppressed prejudice for change, and overlook a need to alter the foundation of a country that still treats blacks as subhuman.

This is a similar scenario to what was seen in abolition campaigns centuries prior to Trump’s presidency. Abolitionists worked for the formal end of slavery, not an abolishment of the policies that enabled slavery in the first place. What abolitionists requested was a change in approach, and this is what they received in the Emancipation Proclamation. This proclamation did exactly what it promised to do “proclaim” without action. In short, the emancipation proclaimation did nothing but dissolve informal slavery for a covert implementation of the very same thing. -1x-1

Those who oppose Trump are often those who oppose the treatment of blacks in third-world counties but eschew blacks in similar impoverished positions miles away from their homes in American. Those hoping for Trump’s impeachment also often overlook those subject to less overt economic enslavement as entertainers, athletes, lawyers, doctors, or financiers.

So if there is an impeachment to take place, let this impeachment be of the laws that enslave not free us. Let this impeachment be of a police system that imbues the systemic perception of blacks as animals in need of shackles and beatings by soldiers of white supremacy.

Interracial-Love-300x199Impeach the ideology that allows black women to lay with white men who they fail to see as of the same creed as Donald Trump. Let us impeach the ideology of black men who seek the refuge of a non-black woman, mistaking her lack of melanin as an upgrade and not a reflection of their sullied mindset.

Impeach the imbalanced school system that puts precincts in the black community and new, well-funded schools in the white areas.

Impeach the white media that attacks the subconscious of our collective, forcing blacks to internalize a fictive inferiority.

Impeach all forms of black escapism from alcohol to the church, and force blacks to not only believe in themselves but to believe in blackness. For there is no need to believe in the extraordinary if a collective truly believes they are the extraordinary.  church_backgroundjpg_original_4530

Impeach a healthcare system that has done nothing but demand more money for inferior service.

Impeach the constitution and Declaration of Independence as they are testaments to the systemic disenfranchisement of black people that continues to dominate this country.

Impeach the non black businesses that dominate the black community.

Impeach the debt that befalls the black community as a fraction of our reparations.

Impeach the Obama legacy that ignores the black bodies murdered without consequence. With this claim, I feel compelled to add that if anyone should have been impeached it’s President Obama. The black collective put him in office and he put us in the ground, and on the gallows– our collective legs blowing in the wind with each not guilty verdict.

In short, impeaching Trump does nothing to dissolve racism. All this does is illustrate the collective ideology as targeting the wrong person to avoid addressing the true issue. When I look at Trump, I see the same face and complexion of those who made it so my last name is Saunders. His presence is unsettling, but necessary in maintaining the stance necessary to combat the systemic hypnosis of collective amnesia. Flag

Trump is a conspicuous portrait of America, and she isn’t free and brave, but a land enslaved by cowards. Trump keeps the masses alert and aware. Yes, calling for his impeachment does betray most as misunderstanding his symbolism. But at the very least the smoke rising from Trump’s antics, have exposed that there is actually a fire.

Trump has also exposed those who have pretended that racial tensions dissolved in the 1960s as oblivious to a plagued mindset that has only festered over time.

Furthermore, while I would love to see Trump dethroned, itt seems he is what it took to wake up the general population to the origins of North America. Trump’s impeachment, upon becoming a reality does nothing for the race relations of this country besides sweep these prevalent concerns under a heavy rug known to some as the American flag.

Furthermore, as a collective, it is much more worthwhile to impeach self-hatred as an antidote to white supremacy, than to place our efforts into someone who benefits from this malevolent system whether the President of the not-so-united states or spectator at a ball game.