Eclipsing our Way Into Oblivion: The Collective Consequence of Looking Anywhere but Within

The eclipse is the sole time in past or present settings that the white world celebrates darkness superseding lightness. An eclipse is regarded as science and revered as a testament to the vastness of our universe, whereas any facet of black pride is regarded as a threat to humanity and an insult to this “great” nation. 

For this reason, I personally could not care less about the eclipse.  TSE2012-C3DiamondRing-RickFienberg

It is particularly fascinating that the symbolism–darkness obscuring light–is seemingly lost in what white science labels a natural phenomenon. What is not lost is the function of the “phenomenon.” Namely, the eclipse functions to seduce the masses to “look up” once again. 

To black community this should should sound familiar. 

Be it  god, a singer, actor, or athlete, the black community is continually seduced to look up and not within. So while this phenomenon could very well be interpreted as a symbolic affirmation of the strength within “darkness,” it surfaces as yet another means of deflection. 

01_0While everyone is looking up, or at a computer or television screen to follow the eclipse, Dick Gregory, a man who spent over five decades loving black people and ensuring that our plights were not lost in the tangy sauce of white supremacy, has been eliminated as a cause worth coverage. The man has not even been laid to rest, but has already been buried by whites who didn’t care to report his transition in the first place. 

While the masses become entranced in the eclipse, another black person has been harassed or murdered by the police. Others have been denied an education, while some lay overheated and homeless–ousted by a world who only seeks to take from blacks. 

It is also prevalent to acknowledge that the attention and marvel garnered by the 2017 eclipse functions to silently convey the world as beautiful despite the grisly white evil that continues to infest the black body and mind. 

So as you look up at the sky, or gaze upon the eclipse from some form of screen, just know that the answers are not up, down or anywhere in between. The answers, the truth, the beginning and end, are all within. 

Black Power.