Ten Year Predictions

Dr. King will continue to get lighter and lighter. In fifty to a hundred years, he will eventually be referenced and portrayed as a white man.

Whitney Houston’s legacy will be sullied to solely reflect her alleged drug use.

Beyonce will be like Houston was in her later years. 

The popularity of pseudo blackness would have dissolved well into the stratosphere.

The bi-racial collective will be fighting for “rights,” “representation,” acknowledgement of biracial heroes and the option to not “choose” an identity. 

Malcolm X celebrations in now completely gentrified areas will be reduced, eliminated or intercepted by whites “disrupted” and “alarmed” by large congregations of black people. 

Migrants would have appropriated themselves as the new “oppressed” group using terms like “American privilege” and casting themselves as those truly  disenfranchised by the American government. 

Slavery will be regarded as a fantastical event that many are “not sure ever really happened.” The term will become intertwined solely with migrants and their American plights. 

Kemet will be depicted as detached from Africa on globes and textbooks.

Non-migrant blacks without white parents, will become circumscribed to reality television—ostracized from starring roles in scripted dramas that go solely to biracial blacks—most who have a white mother.

Former President Obama will be remembered as a Mandela-like figure

Dick Gregory, Mari Evans, J. California Cooper, and Derek Walcott will only be known to a small few.   

The late author and playwright J. California Cooper

Kim Kardashian would have divorced Kanye and taken a good chunk of his money.5842644da1587_apart3

Migrant blacks will outnumber non-migrant blacks in the states and there will be more non-blacks in Africa and the West Indies than black people.

The black collective will remain subject to racial terrorism, but these actions will take place stealthily with no coverage by the mainstream media, who depicts racial issues as “dissolved” with Trump’s exit and former President Obama’s so-called “race-baiting.” . 

The current “leader”  of the free world will be far more dangerous in his or her neutrality–a truth veiled by the white supremacist media.  

There will be an increase of prisons in black neighborhoods. 

BET will become “Entertainment Television,” and like OWN will become a platform for whites to author series about the black experience. 

In about a decade, the once historically black colleges or universities will be at least sixty percent white.

Less blacks will be in college, and even fewer will pursue advanced degrees.

The weave industry will continue to flourish, with new inventions to escape black hair. 

Computers will replaced many trade jobs like train operator, bank teller, etc…

We will experience another “natural disaster” that will conveniently uproot another predominately black area. 

The few roles allotted to melanated people will be reserved for migrant blacks and not extended to those who mirror the particular experience.  This trend  can be seen in HBO series Insecure and the recent film Selma. 

Many of the black male celebrities currently married to black women will divorce them and marry a white or non-black woman, as seen with Sidney Poitier, O.J. Simpson, Michael Jordan, and Eddie Murphy.  


Many currently successful black- owned businesses, will fold or will be transferred to white ownership.

The black church will continue to flourish, and there will be an increase in Joel Osteen-like pastors. 

The current organ harvesting will yield a means to extend the lives of wealthy whites, and enhance their physical attributes.


What are some of your predictions for the world 10-15 years from now?

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  1. E says:

    That would be sacrilege. I hear you but let’s pray for serious change.

  2. Steve says:

    Umm. C.C. I hate to break it to ya. But the first one about Dr. King has already come true when last year a white man was cast to play Dr. King in a play at Kent State University. So that just makes your list that much more frightening. Yeah.

  3. This is the grim reality under the System of Racism White Supremacy. A system to complete and total domination on Non-White people. This is starting to manifest. We have to get a Code and quick.

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