What I Love About Black Men

A shared history

We may not have physically been there to witness the erection of the pyramids or the sphinx, but we hold hands across time to a shared greatness. This connection yields  a paramount and pivotal shared experience that runs deeper than the shallowness of present attraction.

The Lipsnnamdi-asomugha

With lips full like the moon, and the African legacy, black men give you kisses that remain on your lips long after they’re gone

Their body

A beacon of beauty and strength, the natural physique of a black man is a ethereal masterpiece. From the shoulders, to the legs, to the jawline—the black man is perfect even in his imperfections.

97bf4da9e208d896b23b25443fc77e9cThe aura

The energy of a black man is one of a kind. Sometimes this energy is curious, sometimes seductive, other times intellectually curious.

The Potential
He could be good with his hands, a philosopher, or a teacher. The black man’s potential is as endless as his legacy.


The confidence  160604012743-03-muhammad-ali-0604-full-169

This is an attribute not encompassed by all, but black men who truly possess confidence are perhaps the most beautiful sight to see. Confidence is not loud, but a pleasant subtly known to all they encounter but solely referenced in the world “greatness.”

The conviction

A black man who understands and appreciates his blackness bears a conviction stronger than any mortal creation. This conviction converts non-believers and challenges the weak to be just a little stronger. 

The genetics

From the strong noses and hair, to bodies built to weather adversity–the black man bears extraordinary genetics that breeds outer beauty and inner resilience.  t_coates_credit_gabriella_demzuk

The talent

Although talent is certainly present in ancestors like W.E.B. Dubois who received extensive training, talent is also present in 1970s leader George Jackson and contemporary writer Ta-nehisi Coates who lacked formal training and reflect the talent of self-education. 

screen-shot-2016-01-14-at-9-15-37-pm-616x4401The voice
Whether it’s raspy, deep, or mellow—the black man’s voice is strong and distinctive.

The strength
The black man is physically capable of mastering any task, but his strength lies in his ability to dodge the destruction implemented by our oppressors.

The envy
Black men are the portrait of masculinity unsuccessfully imitated by countless other factions.

The focus
Examples like Nat Turner, Dr. King, Malcom X, Medgar Evers, and Fred Hampton prove that the black man can do literally do anything. His abilities make it so that no task is out of reach, and nothing is impossible. hamptonfred

The walk
It may be a stride with large steps or a swagger with a slight bop. Or it may be a business like saunter or slow, small steps. Either way, the way black men move is magical.

The Charm

There are some black men that are overt charmers blessed with the gift of gab or a forthcoming energy. I would say for the most part however, that the charm possessed by most black men is unspoken. It could be in the smile, or his gentle way of speech. Or maybe in how he treats others. But nevertheless the charm is ever-present and more gjintoxicating than any cologne.


Black man. You complete me..


Carry on Brothers.

Black Power ❤

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What do you love/appreciate about black men? 


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Very well said! Thanks for the props. And we will feel the same about you. You know brothers are going to love you for this one. ♥️✊🏿

  2. Lena says:

    🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 yesss!

  3. reynagirl14 says:

    Love your post. Brilliant.

  4. kelley says:

    My list is endless! What a beautiful post ❤

  5. This was so needed and right on time!! I feel the same way about black women!!

  6. Anona says:

    I’m ashamed to mention this but as a Black woman,it has taken me ages to appreciate/ love Black men. Part of the reason may have stemmed from my upbringing.

    Back in the day,it seemed that most of the people were more interested in appreciating people from other racial backgrounds than my own. In my then racially diverse high school,my friends and I would … again…be crushing on the non Black guys than the Black ones. It also didn’t help that I had a colorist paternal grandmother who favored lighter skin over dark and with my brown skin.I didn’t make the cut. It got to the point where I began to think that Black men/ people only appreciated light skin/ non Black people.

    My “metamorphosis “began when my oldest brother took me to AU Center for a stepshow. Strange as this seem..more of a change came when,I went with a friend of mine to a Watchnight service. It was like I was stricken with lightning…thinking about what my ancestors went through for the little rights I have. Everything Black looked beautiful from the people,the culture ,the history. My eyes got magnified and Black men really looked good to me and still do. I haven’t been the same since .

    That was 10 -20 years ago and since we’re talking about reasons for loving Black men..I will list my reasons for loving them as clear as I can.

    * No particular order*
    1. I love their spirit
    2. Their swag/ confidence
    3. Though we hear about the tons of Black men not helping Black men not helping Black women,in my life most of the men that was there for me were Black men.
    4.They make me laugh.
    5. They’re innovators in every way.
    6.Theyre sexy
    7.Theyre full of common sense
    8. They know how to have a good time without traveling to places
    9 . Culturally,I can relate to them and not feel that won’t get condemned as fast because of my thoughts.
    10. They are honest in a constructive way.
    11. They’re not predicable ( not monolithic)

    And no..I’m not saying this because of some kind of fetish, pretense ,trend or guilt.I REALLY DO LOVE THEM!! and I’m glad that I feel this way. How can I love myself if I’m loving everybody else except my Black self?How can I love a Black man,if I’m overlooking them? The very first people you should love are your own.

    1. C. says:

      Yessssss!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your story!!!

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