How Whites and Non-Blacks Talk About Race 

This post will implement the unisex name “Leslie” to avoid overuse, and the subtle passive-aggressive tone of the  pronoun “they.”  Leslie, will symbolically represent white and non-black collectives respectively.

Author’s Note: Leslie also encompasses the ideology of melanated individuals who are only black on the outside. Because these individuals, while dangerous, do not enjoy the systemic advantage of other factions, they are not the central subjects in the post.

  1. Leslie redirects the conversation in an “all lives matter” fashion, meaning he or she highlight the “struggles” of other factions.  Example: ” Blacks are not the only ones struggling. Consider the native Americans, migrant whites, women (insert any other subculture demographic).”
  2.  Leslie refers to blacks as “racist” or “bitter”
  3. Leslie references the fictive “black on black crime” as a justification for crimes against black people
  4.  A casualty of privilege, Leslie fails to see race’s role in every component of a person’s life.
  5.  Leslie inserts individual examples to counter a collective injustice. Well my (insert relative) came here from (insert non-African country) and they (insert material “evidence” of conventional success)
  6.  Leslie condemns Micah Johnson and Gavin Long, but make excuses for white terrorists
  7.  There will almost always be a reference made to a Toni Morrison novel, Tyler Perry film, or the latest movie by or starring black people as a primary source. This is not to say either source cannot be discourse for discussion, but that this individual references these in ignorance of Dr. Ben, Dr. Neely Fuller, Dr. Davis,  e.t.c.
  8.  There will be an attempt to alter the context of a racial dialogue because they said so.  Example:  “Don’t call them Africans, call them African-Americans.”  This act will be racist in both execution and content and only helpful in exposing whites and non-blacks as inherently racist.
  9. Leslie may seem to accidentally misinterpret commentary from blacks, but in actuality purposefully misconstrues your words to assert  a personal agenda
  10.  Instead of asking about the many blacks unjustly murdered by police, Leslie will redirect the attention to soldiers of white supremacy killed in the line of incivility–a risk made clear prior to their inclusion in the field
  11.  Many will not talk at all, and will objectify blacks like gorillas in a cage and watch them discuss race. The contents of discussion will eventually be passed off as “new” ideas by these spectators in a form of racist plagiarism

Black Power ❤