Streaming, Salons, and Lingerie–A Black Business Spotlight

Founded by Numa Perrier and Dennis Dortch, this streaming service lives up to its name. Albeit most of the shows are about sex,  the blackandsexytvplatform though is not raughy or even risque, but depicts the under-discussed questions and conflicts that arise our sex—whether celibate or sexually fluid. All shows have a predominately, if not all, black cast, and focus on black young adulthood.

Shows include: Sexless, Build-a-Boo, Broke and Sexy, RoomieLoverFriends, and Ok Cupid (amongst others)

Membership is $5.99 p/m

swivelSwivel App

Despite the influx of black hair care products and natural hair stylists, finding a salon and stylist as a black woman (or man) remains a challenge. Swivel, founded by Jihan Thompson and Jennifer Lambert, is designed especially for “women of color.” The app allows users to put in their hair type and desired style to find salons that specialize in their texture and style  ambitions.

Each featured salon also had an online portfolio (instagram) and customer reviews.

Nubian Skin, The Naked Collection

Started by founder Ade Hassan, Nubian Skin provides nude lingerie nubian-skin-naked-collections-2017-tonesfor black women. The company has recently launched a new line called the “Naked Collection.” The collection, consisting of intimates from body suits to panty-line less undergarments, feels like skin. I can attest to the soft, high quality fabric used, and the comfort it garners even the most traditionally uncomfortable lingerie.

P.S.: All products are easily washed and maintained at home.

Prices range from $15-$48, with a flat shipping rate of $9.99—which Is pretty good given all products ship from the UK.

This post is not sponsored, but reflects my desire to aid black commerce by spreading the word :-).

Black Power ❤

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  1. Black business as we move along through time is going to become more critical to our well being. Informative post!!

  2. kelley says:

    I love it. And Black&Sexy used to be my jam on youtube!

    Thank you for sharing 🖤

  3. nikkib28 says:

    Great info! Beautiful collection.

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