Six Businesses Every Black Woman Should Support This Summer!


Marjani Beauty

A Black Girl’s Paradise, this gem brings body and skincare to the brown girl’s fingertips! With a shop in DC and shipping throughout the states, there is no excuse not to get your fix! From lipsticks, to body scrubs and exfoliants, Marjani brings products that speak to our unique beauty.

Some of my faves: Shaffali Moisturizer, The Glow Deep Cleanser, Neroli

Must Have: Black Girl Sunscreen

Melanin Hair Care

Started by YouTuber Naptural85, the Melanin haircare product line reflects years of dedication. Using the best oils and butters, melanin hair care nourishes curls and coils so that they shine like jewels on a crown.


If your in the DC Area, you won’t quite find an ambiance like Sankofa. It’s laid back but intellectual, approachable yet ethereal, familiar and new, all at once! The online bookstore makes it easy to support black authors and a black bookstore! Tis’ the perfect place to purchase your summer reading list. Sankofa is a staple in black culture and the black archive. As the keepers of culure, it’s important that we nourish this space with our support!

Nubian Skin

For years, black women have had to endure the white woman’s leftovers when it comes to nudes. Not anymore! From bodysuits, to hosiery, to lingerie, Nubian Skin is a black-owned brand dedicated to black women. Though based in the UK, Nubian Skin ships worldwide.

PS: They have swimwear too! 😉


Nudebarre founder Erin Carpenter, a former dancer, started Nudebarre due a dearth in nude stockings for black dancers. The company specializes in countering this conflict, delivering superior hosiery to the sunkissed woman.

Must Have: The Fishnet stockings are not only comfortable and classy…they are sure to turn heads EVERYWHERE you go.

Mented Cosmetics

Whether you are a matte girl or like the glossy look, Mented has something for everyone. Mented specializes in providing lip wear for the brown woman.

Faves: Mented No. 5 Semi-Matte, Nude lala Matte, Foxy Brown

Must Haves: Brown Barre Matte and Red Rover

Honorable Mentions: Sydney’s Sweets

So, I tried my hardest NOT to include food on this list, but I couldn’t resist. Though this one isn’t especially for black women, the owner, and creative genius behind the franchise is a black woman!

From cakes and cupcakes to cake pops, Sydney’s Sweets has it all. For those not in the NYC area, they are currently shipping cake jars throughout the states.

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