Stray Thoughts & Passing Contemplations


The African adjacent have not learned the error in their ways. They’ve learned a new way to manifest their power and compromise ours. 

Diversity is an American myth. 

It is crucial that black people do not underestimate their adversaries. A failure to do so will engender disappointment at best and death at worst. 

The phrasing that articulates black as killed for “no reason” posits that there are reasons to kill blacks. There is NO REASON TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE. EVER. PERIOD. 

Celebrities embody brands and businesses. Thus, anything they do, whether vocal or silent, active or passive, must be regarded with their occupational affiliation in mind. 

Deflection is an American sport. 

There are far too many people citing “unarmed”  black men as a vindicating factor and not enough calling for police to be disarmed. 

The media posits anger as motivating protests but not as a motivating force in police brutality or systemic racism.

I have seen numerous postings that cite the contemporary moment as exhibiting change, yet blacks and whites remain espoused to normal imaging. What I mean is, blacks are depicted as thugs, and whites lauded for seemingly emerging as saviors for their newfound “consciousness.” 

To truly dismantle, not negotiate, not amend, the systems that oppress us, we must be in the know. Action, be it physical or vocal, without knowledge lacks the organization and advancement demands. There has never been a greater time to READ and STUDY those who have endured these paths before us. 

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