Black Mental Health as Popular Culture: A Black Female Perspective


The present fixation on black mental health appears to seize an obscure communal issue from hallway whispers to center stage. While black doctors like Dr. Bobby Wright, Dr. Francis Cress Wesling, and Dr. Amos Wilson engender this transition with their discourse, this is not what we see in the anti-black media. It is particularly, problematic than an environment made abnormal by anti-blackness assumes precedence in labeling black abnormality. The biggest issue for me is the demand and treatment that functions to make black people functional in an anti-black society. Particularly, the return to society as “normal” hardly means preparing black people to cognitively withstand the perils of blackness; rather, this means that normalizing or medicating blacks will resume their roles as societal subjugates or assimilationists. As a present fixture in popular culture following the public diagnosis of several black celebrities, bipolar now functions as a sort of colloquialism. What I mean here, is that mental health as a popular culture fixture engenders a superifical engagement that produces confusion and becomes a means to falsely conceptualize behavior. Thus, amidst mental health’s entry into the popular culture, it is imperative that the black community ask ourselves: when has this society ever done anything for black people that did not benefit others?

Displacing universal mental health diagnosis onto black people employs a false equivalency that once again frees the culpable form any an all accountability. Wesling, Wilson, and Wright commonly employ white science to diagnose whiteness, and white nationalism in particular, for the diseases it is. General science posits disease as consummating an abnormality without considering the abnormality that is global white supremacy. Thus, a white world labeling black trauma proves synonymous to racists determining who and what is racist.

To this, I employ the hashtag #themfirst. Let this anti-black world diagnose all the racial psychopathy that continues to murder black people either by bullets, scientific racism, institutional imperialism, amongst countless other means to injure a disrupted people, and not render said behavior an aberration personified in insolation by Donald Trump. For if this diagnosis does not come first, as seen with ADD, it is bound to proceed with genocidal ambitions. Mental health diagnoses will become another means to kill black people, to turn us into sleepwalkers, and even reconstruct the crack and heroine era except it is white prescription pills rather than white powder that abducts our brothers, mothers, sisters, children, aunts, uncles, and cousins under the false promise of “normal” in an abnormal world.


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  1. Every single so-called ‘department of psychiatry’ is behind labeling every single American descendant of slavery, mentally ill. How can the most deranged, psychopathic, mass murdering, thieving, lying lunatics EVER sit somewhere and diagnosis us as mentally ill when every single damn pill they have at their disposal, they need to be taking.

    When I was in Baltimore, MD, those psych thugs at Johns Hopkins Hospital had Black people lined up and heading inside their psych clinics for their weekly injection of haldol and that drug is so dangerous, it should not be administered to anyone and yet it was being administered to every single Black person that was a patient at that facility. I know this because they were injecting my cousin with that mess until I stepped in and stopped it.

    We are being systematically murdered by every single entity that makes up the system of white supremacy and the whites are NOT going to stop until we are all dead.

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