Extracting Certainty from Uncertainty: 12 (Not So) Random Thoughts


Choose you. Each and Every time.

If this means moving away, shutting off your phone, or creating boundaries between you and others, do it! Only allow access to those who meet your expectations.

Advice is only something you can give yourself, but gaining other’s perspectives on issues can provide insight into who they are.

I would advise you to open up to people. Not about everything, and what you open up about does not even have to be personal. Doing this allows you to see a person in a new light. Those reluctant or even unwilling to show support are not friends. Even family, who withhold positive comments to dwell what they perceive as negative, must be kept at bay if kept in your close circle at all.

There is a distinction between inheritance and acquisition.

While we are children of the diaspora and we all inherit our essence from our mother continent African, inheriting the American experience is disparate from selecting the experience despite the sins it cast against its America’s abductees. This distinction, though, does not necessarily warrant division. The tensions that arise from asserting this truth underscores the inferiority America affords the African America–an inferiority that demands that the dark race suffer and silence and share what they acquired in spite of their adulterer inheritance without contemplation or discussion.

Beware of those on an endless plight to get you to second guess yourself.
Gas-lighting is serious. Seek those who remind you of your greatness not seek to shift your focus to a molehill they seek to make into a mountain.

There is a distinction between an opinion and perspective.

Opinions are rooted solely in sentiment whereas perspectives are informed by a deep engagement with the world around you. Perspectives are not just about what a person feels; perspective incorporates knowledge. An individual might, as an opinion, like ice cream. As a perspective, they may not find dairy as healthy or beneficial for black people.

Who and what impresses a person will tell you everything you need to know. Pay attention.

Watch what makes people defensive.
This too is quite revelatory…You can also extract (and work through) your own triggers by taking note of situations where you become defensive.

There is a distinction between being lazy and feeling unmotivated.
This distinction makes a pivotal impact on your ability to move past these conflicts.

You determine the value that exists in your life.

Part of owning our power as black people is to examine who and what we value and examining whether or not these people, things, and institutions value us in the same way.

Your achievement and advancements may change others more than it changes you.

I think this one speaks for itself. Just know “more” may equate to less people around you and expose that sometimes there are less people rooting for you when they think you’re going to win.

You can try and articulate your ideas as clear as possible but folk will hear what they want to hear.

This is unfortunately a part of voicing your perspectives at the expense of the internal issues that permeate many people humans on earth.

Pain, heartbreak, disappointment, whatever you’d like to call it, are just strength in disguise. Follow the journey. Embrace the pain, and you’ll emerge new.

What certainty has this time of uncertainty gifted you?

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