The Black Agenda Challenge: A Black Manifesto


“Up Up you mighty race, accomplish what you will” Marcus Garvey

“Our grandfathers had to run, run, run. My generation’s out of breath. We ain’t running no more.” Kwame Ture

“Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it’s cowardice.” George Jackson

For too long, we, the black community, have been told to wait. We have watched as other communities climbed social stature and demanded that the legislature bend to meet their demands. For years, we experienced politicians who only see us when it’s election season. We’ve endured symbolism as a replacement for progress. We’ve experienced the expectation for silence and acquiescence when policies and a pervasive anti-black ambiance provide cause for daily unrest. Now that we have waited to no avail, it is time that we lift our voices and collectively bring attention to a black agenda.

I hope that some of you will take this challenge. Things do not have to be the way they are, and we certainly do not have to be silent, shy, or think anything is out of reach.

A black delegation: Each state should select 12 black individuals nominated by colleges, churches, high schools, and communities. The ages should range from 18-100 and contain a pre-delegate attendance of 6 black children aged 8-17 that observe and take notes. This committee, which must be composed of individuals from all walks of life, are responsible for discussing and critically contemplating the state of the black union. They have controlling input on black education, black economics, and black entertainment. There must be a yearly conference funded by the government in which all state delegates meet, review and revise the black agenda. This group must meet twice during the year of and year preceding an election year. This group will also be funded to implement and develop a black census to aid in providing accurate statistics to properly foment black progress.

Black representation must compose 1/3 of the electoral college: The majority of the electoral college is white. This must change immediately.

Black-owned and operated media (not including Tyler Perry Studios, or Harpo Productions that operate to satiate the white gaze): All shows written, starring, and featuring black people must be reviewed by a black committee and cleared for airing after a vote. There must also be a push for shows starring and about life to be written, produced, and starring black people. These shows must also push away from the caricatures that permeate American society.

Nat Turner and Malcolm X must be given national holidays and have a mandatory placement in history books.

Each public school will have a black history colloquium led by black scholars in history and literature. There must be at least two cultural programs per academic year.

There must be two all-black communities in every state. The communities must have all-black franchisement, homes, schools, etc. Each black community must also have a farm. (If you think this is impossible, look at the Asian and Jewish communities in cities like New York City. This is VERY possible.)

The government must invest significant money into comprising a black legality group that within 12 months creates a new system for unbiased adjudication. This new system must be foundational in reviewing the cases of all black inmates incarcerated within an anti-black system.

All black prisoners who, like Ronald Sanford, received inhumane sentences before they turned 18, be given immunity, and freed immediately.

Abolish the prison system. All black prisoners must be transitioned into rehabilitation centers in black communities where they farm, receive an education and employ their experiences as pedagogy. There are to be no black bodies behind bars or in chains. We lived this way for hundreds of years, not anymore.

All officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, and John Crawford III be arrested and indicted immediately. The system must also be scanned for similar cases and all arrests and indictments made within one calendar year at maximum. George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson must also be re-tried and fined for their murders of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. Similar cases must also be unsurfaced and re-prosecuted within one calendar year.

We demand the complete re-writing of the Constitution where six delegates from each African-descended assembly present items from the black agenda as a muse for its revamping. The constitution must be amended to engender justice for the black community. As is, the constitution only legally aids those in mind (whites) during its majority.

Within 12 months of the election, a 50% increase in black employment at all levels.

The government be demanded to allocate funds for community policing in black communities. All other police in this country are to operate without firearms. The budget must be cut down to one third, with other two third placed invested into franchisement.

Comprise a committee of black financiers and economists that draft a plan to aid blacks in land acquisition and homeownership. The committee is to meet twice annually to ensure that the plan changes according to the times.

Reparations. Monetary compensation for the unpair labor of Africans enslaved in America. All blacks must be born into money, provided a retirement/trust fund, and get a check every year of life. All payments should be divided to payout over the average life span. Whatever money those descended from the Africans enslaved in America do not spend in their lives must be paid out to their living descendants over a lifetime.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities must offer full tuition to all students of African descent. Those who do not identify as black must be made to pay out of pocket and be charged a convenience fee to account for the black person that lost access to an HBCU because of their application and acceptance. There must also be a national effort to make HBCU’s entirely black within four years. This is in both the professorate, staff, and students.

The government must also develop 5 new HBCU’s within five years and implement 2 Historically Black Elementary, Intermediary, and High Schools in every state. These schools must be run without government interference and created completely from black conception as part of reparations. All students, instructors, and staff must be of African descent. The high schools should have instructors with “informal” and “formal” education and implement Africana philosophies from drum playing and finance to black literature and black science. The schools must also teach black students to cook, eat, and farm healthy and nourishing meals that improve cognitive function and increase life span.

Each state must also invest $25,000-$50,000 annually to aid and prepare black students to pursue an education at an HBCU.

Because enduring anti-blackness takes a toll on mental health, there must be a significant governmental investment into mental health facilities owned and operated by black medical professionals. These facilities must offer individual and group therapy and four annual retreats. All facilities must centralize black doctors, like Dr. Bobby Wright, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Francis Cress Wesling, and Joy DeGruy, who tailored science to meet the specific needs of black people.

The government must annually invest in acquiring and updating black medicinal statistics that are both holistic and mainstream medicine. Black patients must be given multiple options for every ailment.

All black migrants must take a mandatory black history course before gaining citizenship. Their children must also take classes at a historically black elementary school.

There also must be government funding specifically to aid black women in pregnancy. Pregnant black women must be presented with multiple options. There must be significant support for doulas and home births as hospitals have failed so many black women for so long.

There must also be a significant investment in coding for black children and young black adults.

Now, I want to be clear and state that these demands do not even partially imply that black people should wait for an anti-black government to do anything in our benefit. I do, however, believe that we begin to contemplate and verbalize what we must actualize for advancement, to transition our demands from dreams to plans. I also believe that a country that gentrified #blacklivesmatter into a universal moment for equality and panders black America for its vote, must be held accountable. Keep in mind, that black people fought for the same laws that enabled an improvement in the lives of all those who not in the majority. Thus, the only way to take significant strides away from the white supremacist origins that started this country is to pursue and implement a black agenda. If black lives matter, America, prove it!

Please take the #blackagenda challenge! If you read this, consider yourself tagged.


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  1. A Brilliant Response from Black Empowerment:

    I would place jobs on the table. Without jobs black males and black females do not even have a shot at being black men or black women. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing would always say that the government should be responsible for hiring black males. Unemployed black males brings disenfranchisement and dysfunctional families. Second the government needs to make access to home lending available to black people at an affordable price. This is also needed to stabilize black families.

    3rd black people lack in education and many of us who have been educated have been miseducated terribly to the point we have become enemies of ourselves. Funding to establish Afrikan Centered schools and re-education is a must. Meaning we have to learn Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex and War/Counter War from a black perspective, not the White Identified brainwashing miseducation we have all been victims of. By Afrikan centered I mean we are taught what is best for non white people classified as black in a Counter-Racist Fashion, not that we all start wearing Dashikis, not that anything is wrong with that at all, I am just saying that the education be Afrikan centered and based on the business of what black people should be thinking , speaking and doing in a System of Racism White Supremacy. We for sure need a White Studies class because many of us are extremely confused about what Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. calls the most familiar mystery in the known universe, White people. Having some fundamental understandings about the planet we exist on will help us to establish a Counter-Racist Code quicker.

    As a caveat if White people were serious about really helping black people they would put an immediate moratorium on any black entertainment or media that is not constructive to the minds and images of black people. White people know full well that people classified as black are sick, mentally and physically. White people know because they are the cause of that sickness. They could stop black people who wish to act outside of the group interest in pursuit of the individual self interest. They can teach us how to eat healthy and they can teach us how to read and the importance of reading and learning, since White people did make it against the law and punishable by death if a black classified person was caught reading or just attempting to read. I contend that this is still having an adverse effect on people classified as black to this very day. Too many people classified as black still believe that to learn anything is to act White and White people are most to blame for that.

    I however am not holding my breath for any White person or government to do this. This is something black people will have to gain the will to accomplish on our own. If Whites wanted to help people who they classified as black they could have done so centuries ago. Great piece!

  2. These are excellent suggestions and the thing is this is all relatively practical, meaning we can accomplish most of this in a short amount of time. #blackagenda!

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