Social Media and Plowing the Mental Plantation

Social media continues to inundate the globe. It’s connected some with family and friends but disconnected many from reality and perhaps most significantly, from themselves. The platforms, whether Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, present the celebrity lifestyle to the masses. Now, not only are celebrities accessible, the general public has the ability to create a version of themselves for their friends, family, and the world at large to consume. On these platforms, individuals appear to create an idealized versions of themselves that engenders a response manifested in “likes,” “followers,” and views. The culture, though seemingly connecting individuals who they otherwise would not meet, obscures identity in a global hegemonic control guised under the lie of creation. Social media culture induces a hegemonic hypnosis where the consumer becomes consumed by the white imaginary.

The functional, ubiquitous mania that permeates the globe betrays the pervasive, yet normalized violence embodied by the consumed consumer. The most crucial consequence of this consumed consumer is that their minds become fecund for white nationalist thought. Particularly, the social media enthusiast becomes a mental plantation owned by the white imaginary.  For the black social media enthusiast, this mental plantation proves a foreground to grow anti black crops of thought that obliterates the ability for any steps taken to attain autonomy from anti-blackness.

These platforms, like other forms of media, attain traction and wield their white supremacist power by engendering a user dependancy. Those who use multiple platforms often incorporate this use into their daily routines, thus, engagement with an anti-black platforms geared toward engendering cognitive bondage occupies a secured place in their psyche. The social media affect, therefore, produces what is often not detected until it’s too late, if at all. This daily access becomes the praxis by which an anti-black platform becomes an informant in its consumers thinking and becomes the creator of what the consumer believes is individual thought. 

Thus, these platforms must encounter these platforms with the speculation they warrant, not certainty. Who and what any user encounters must be regarded without certainty. The only certainty that should be afforded to these platforms, is the certainty that they were not created as a liberatory tool for those of the black collective. These platforms must engender cultural contemplation to transition evil intention to strides past white supremacy.

Specifically, if used correctly, these platforms provide insight into the white imaginary and provide a front row seat into the ways of white nationalism. These social media sites, like any other plantation, has overseers. It is imperative for the black collective, the targeted consumer for white nationalist consumption, to watch who these overseers reprimand and watch who they reward. This praxis offers insight into societal values and what this supremacist world wants blacks to believe and needs the black collective to accept as true and valuable. These sites reveal that even silly and superficial spaces are not without strategy. Social media is a strategy implemented to socially reproduce anti blackness in millennials and Generation X. It’s results are perhaps best evidenced in the past election where so many opted to run, but two old white men became the candidates for the major parties. Here, the world witnessed those who seized their right to run, but ran into the same white wall. Similarly, social media appears a platform for diverse perspectives, yet the same ideas and priorities remain. 

Furthermore, social media enables the masses to socialize with white supremacy under another systemic branch veiled as a website.

Malcolm X advised us decades ago: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” Similarly, if you are not careful, social media will have you mirroring a similar fate–liking and retweeting who and what hates you and your collective. Black people, be careful.

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