The Outstanding Blogger Award

I have never done one of these before, so thank you to Blind Injustice for nominating Whispers of a Womanist. It’s been six years of stepping into the sun with my ideas, and it’s great to be in conversation with my collective! Thanks to everyone who has been apart of my journey.

Here are my responses to the provided questions:

  1. What have you learned about yourself during COVID? (I know, same question as one of the ones I was given, but I think it’s a good one.)

I’ve learned that social distance is one of the keys of happiness. There is so much joy in being your favorite companion. I’ve also learned gratitude. Five years ago I dreamed of the life I live now. Things aren’t perfect, but I’ve learned to savor this space I’m in. It’s transient but there is greatness here 🙂

  1. What is an interest of yours you don’t think your readers are aware of? Umm… I LOVE juicing.
  2. Has the focus of your blog changed over time? If so, how? I don’t think my focus has changed, but I do think my blog has become more focused. These last few months have inundated me with motivation, so what readers witness now is what I call a seasoned fearlessness. Now, to apply this to all areas of my life, lol.
  3. Why did you decide to blog on the topic(s) you blog on? I wanted to use my words to curate a space for thought, and, to paraphrase the late Toni Morrison, I wrote (write) things I’d like (wish were available) to read.
  4. Are there any sports you are into? If so, which sports are you into, and which people or teams do you root for? I’m not into sports. At all.
  5. What is a place you haven’t visited yet that you would like to visit? Kemet and Tanzania
  6. What is the best place you’ve been to? Why? I haven’t been yet (wink)

My Questions.

  1. Two defining moments that shaped your present identity.
  2. What’s something people assume about you that is so off the mark?
  3. What has been your most transcendent reading experience?
  4. If you could go back to one historical moment/time what would it be?
  5. Morning, noon, or night person?
  6. Sweet or spicy?
  7. What’s one thing you’ve learned, either about yourself or the world, from your time on earth (so far).


  1. Replace the System of White Supremacy
  2. Kelley, Black Burgundy
  3. Steph’s Blog
  4. JustCalmWildness
  5. Black Girl Diaries
  6. Conscious_Queen
  7. Ben Writes Whatever
  8. Guilded Rage
  9. The Hi Friends
  10. Nikki’s Confetti Life

I look forward to your responses!

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  1. reynagirl14 says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog. 😊

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