The Black Female Political Puppet and Black Male Blame

Though the white world has appointed select black women as the voice of the black woman, Jemele Hill and Reecie Colbert of Black Women Views (amongst others) do not speak for all black women. More importantly, these black voices illuminate not only the silence of the non-systemized and unbought black female voice but underscore the goal of the democratic, or stealth white nationalist, party to make democrats of black people. Here, I do not employ “democrat” in sense of political affiliation, I mean in the sense of “self” identification.

Black People are not Democrats.

Black People are not Republicans.

Black People are not independents.

Black People are Africans in America.

All white nationalists parties strive to itemize the black mind to steer away from nationalist thought and toward partisan interest. Thus, the loudest voices in the political arena appear to embody a freedom sacrificed once branded by white interest universalized as American well-being.

White interest and well-being remain anchored in dividing black people, a division the socially engineered black female political puppet evidences through systemized opinions disguised as critical thought.

The white media appoints black female “critical thinkers” to do little else then actualize the white intention for a divided black constituency conquered in making black women their political concubines. For this reason, these women socially reproduce the Candace Owens trope in blue.

From referencing non-existent disparities in black male/black female voting and censuring Phylicia Rashad for supporting Bill Cosby, to lambasting Ice Cube’s for not “including” black women in his plan for black people, the popularized black female platform echoes a Willie Lynch-like divisive rhetoric under the guise of black female intelligence.

The social engineered and popularized black female perspective, as seen in so-called black female media sites like For Harriet, are what vindicated the white supremacist witch-hunt launched against Bill Cosby. I’ll say this now as I have in the past. Cosby is a black elitist, but he is not a rapist. He is a black man lynched for reasons the white media works to render irrelevant. Siding with their white female counterparts, many popularized black female voices found victory in Cosby’s fate overlooking that Cosby’s fate delineates the hegemonic feat of casting the black woman as ammo in validating continued violence against the black man. An attack against black men is, of course, an attack against black people. Thus, one cannot be “for harriet” or any black woman, past or present, without being for black men as well.

It would be remiss to not mention that though rendering visibly divisive language, these political puppets do not censure all black men.

While For Harriet blasted Rashad for seeking to preserve Cosby’s legacy, Hill and Colbert lambasted those, to use Colbert’s words, “degrade the legacy of Obama.”

To this, I point to the national outage George Floyd’s murder engendered. We all saw the fires, the protests. The screams of a black man crying out for his mother in what would be his final words on earth beneath the knee of a hegemonic soldier did not permeate everyone. America propagated Floyd as the product of a bad apple in policing that affects all people. However, it was only us, black people, under the knee of a white man. George Floyd is a symbol of systemic abjection that’s as old as this country. The media castigated Trump’s America more than acting white supremacist Derek Chauvin. The fact that Chauvin became a free man during this tumultuous presidential race meant less to most seeking the pseudo victory of removing Trump from office to replace him with another racist. I say all of this to say that, among other things, Barack Obama signed the “Blue Alert” law during his presidency to protect police officers in the blood of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, and Freddy Gray among others. If that’s not a degradation to a legacy then I do not know what is. Well, maybe black women who pretend to be black advocates but only wish to Americanize the African by any means necessary. Those who live vicariously through Kamala Harris and desire her personal and professional positions beside white men.

This truth, however, is not the issue. The issue is pretending to advocate for a constituency socially undermined in the pursued and performed anti-black interest.

This is simply unacceptable.

The power of white supremacy could not be more pronounced than in a black man implementing law and order or white nationalism. This implementation illuminates that white supremacy is president; we only select its face. Obama’s legacy, therefore, is as a black face of white nationalism.

In the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others, the black collective has the right to questions all persons enforcing or engendering the policies that kill us. Hearing a black man cry out for his mother incited many to (justifiedly) consider the fatal cries silenced under the optic of a black president.

I say all of this not to censure former-President Barack Obama, but to say that his legacy is what lies to us. His time in office taught us a people that occupying the White House isn’t enough to uplift and systemically affect change for black people. His legacy should be to employ the black optic as a looking glass into what an anti-black system wants us to believe and aspire to be. Taken together, former-President Obama and the black female puppet, betray the perilous promise of the popular: to misrepresent the optic as opportunity and to mislead the masses to believe that the black optic has consummated what must be done and what must be said.

Moreover, the black political puppet must uphold his image because to challenge him too intensely is to have to rethink their ambitions and purpose. If they were to challenge the apex of black optics they would have to conjure substance rather than controversy. The objective is not making it so that black people are murdered in a continent where the Commander in Chief expresses a performative empathy, it’s about living in a country where we are not murdered AT ALL. But the political puppet’s job is to settle for less and encourage their constituency to do the same.

Additionally, the ubiquitous dialogue that engenders queries and statements regarding black female protection proves ironic, because social detachment from the black man leads the lone black woman into the tides and waves of white supremacy that will undoubtedly drown her.

In conclusion, being black is not just one thing; it is many things. Conversely, though varying in manifestation, white nationalism has a single priority and interest —whiteness. Therefore, the popularized black women who kiss their master’s feet in hopes to wear his shoes not only delineate a dangerous dissension from historical patterns, but posit that regardless of who proves victorious in the election, white supremacy, as demonstrated by Hill, Colbert, their supporters, and all who embody the perilous promise of American popularity, has already won.


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  1. “This implementation illuminates that white supremacy is president; we only select its face.” This is the 💯 % Truth. If only more people classified as black understood we are not in a democracy, whatever that means. We are in a System of Racism White Supremacy and black culture must be Counter-Racist culture. Our religion has to be Counter Racism Science until we solve this problem. The government is White Supremacy as Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. says White Supremacy is the only government in existence on planet earth. Great piece!

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