There was a Medical Doctor in the White House Administration: The WSJ and Covert White Insult

On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal made waves with an article that asked that incoming first lady Jill Biden abandon the “Doctor” that precedes her name. The article engendered predictable support from women who peg Jefferey Epstein’s words a gendered attack against the educated woman. The feminist response speaks specifically to gatekeeping white female achievement, not about challenging white male supremacy.

I will be honest and say that I find the repeated reference to Jill Biden’s doctorate pretentious, mainly because it appears more of an attempt to usurp Michelle Obama as an aberration to the First-Lady position as a woman with a professional degree. The hype around Jill Biden’s doctorate seems a feminist attempt to restore the white woman as the original woman and the first and only lady of gender.

Yet, Michelle Obama is not the reason for this post.

Dr. Ben Carson, a black man who beat the odds of systemic racism to become a pioneer in the neurosurgery field, joined the Trump administration as the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in 2016, not as a medical advisor.

Caught in the disappointment of Carson’s unexpecting politics, his relegation proved an oversight to many. I point to Carson now to illustrate that the Republican Party, through the Trump administration, stripped a black man of his title to no outrage.

We must not forget that it was another Epstein that engendered inquiry regarding Carson as a racial martyr in 2015. The article called into question Carson’s proclamation that he shielded white students after Dr. King’s 1968 assassination. Epstein’s words betrayed a white publication’s attempt to denounce Dr. Carson’s accomplishment by questioning his authorial credibility. The covert methodology the Wall Street Journal article implemented mirrors the dynamic implemented by the White House. This methodology betrayed the anxiety of white men outranked by a black man in a society to which everything is in their favor. .

Thus, the public belittlement of individuals regarding education and credibility remains rooted in maintaining a race ideology rooted in white superiority.

Conclusively, Dr. Ben Carson’s white house administrative position illuminates Jill Biden’s public denouncement an overt proclamation of what is too often stealthily done to those of the black collective.

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  1. One of the characteristics of being a astute Counter Racist is the ability to decode and breakdown what is being seen or what is being said or not said. You do that well. Another brilliant Howard scholar also did that, now a Grandcestor Dr. Frances Cress Welsing could look at things and decode them for black people to comprehend.

    Your writing is like a mind map, each word connecting with the next word to produce clarity and greater understanding of The System of Racism White Supremacy. Thank you for sharing and being so consistent another trait that does not go unnoticed!

    1. C. says:

      No, thank you for your intellectual guidance! 🙂 very happy to have encountered your powerful analysis and incisive thinking on here!

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