White America, UnPoliced.


I come to you from the nation’s capital. From where the ubiquitous values remain as white as the house that sits upon a manicured lawn on Pennsylvania Avenue.

For four-hundred years, the black collective watched as acts of domestic terrorism cast the black corpse as bibelots on the American landscape. The perpetual quest for white power always begins and ends in terror, and the happenings in the capital today are no different.

Note even a month ago, the Proud Boys defaced a historical black church, cut off someone’s ear, and performed countless acts of terror across Washington DC. Their actions, though described as “Pro-Trump,” exude the white nationalism that continues to fuel this country.

These claims are easily supported by the answer to the following question: Where was law enforcement when all this transpired?

Where was law enforcement when armed and dangerous white men raided the capital in December 2020? Where was law enforcement when “protestors” armed with the insatiable fury of narcissistic rage stormed up the capital steps?

The answer is simple: exactly where they were for the final eight minutes and forty-six seconds of George Floyd’s life.

What we see presently, and what we have always seen, is the unpoliced white republic which inevitably and fatally polices the African-descended.

Today’s actions were entirely predictable and mark a white nationalist boil that refuses to simmer. It is evasive to blame Trump’s overt participation for what transpired today, because these overt acts of white supremacist terrorism enforce the anti-black laws of a white supremacist space.

Moreover, democracy is not under “unprecedented assault” as President-elect Joe Biden contended earlier today; rather, democracy is the unprecedented assault. Democracy continues to vindicate bad behavior, and veils said behavior with hollow promises from a party that solely altered the methodology of its inaugeral anti-black roots.

A round of rubber bullets like those shot at black protestors in Minneappolis and Ferguson would seemingly remedy the anarchy that permeates downtown DC; however, bullets remain a means to fatally vaccinate the non-Americans. To shoot an American, even one seemingly in overt opposition of the government, disrupts law and order. “Law and order” is but a synonym for white supremacy, thus to shoot the white supremacist not isolated in the aberration afforded to someone like Trump, remains counterproductive to the nationalist initiative.

Realistically, if met with the same aversion that blacks face for even the smallest acts of unity and uprising, the unpoliced would experience the coerced sub-ordinance reserved for those who remain in the peripheries of society. As an eighteen-year-old girl attending a ball for rival HBCUs met with colossal cans of pepper spray and armed police, I encountered more adversity than the white supremacists who raided the capital on this first Wednesday of 2021. Such is the way of a white supremacist nation, who, whether the fox or the wolf, democrat or republican, white liberal or white supremacist, meets less penalty than the being of black form.

However, what today’s actions mean for the African-adjacent is less significant that what it means for the African in America. For the African in American, the unpoliced white supremacist wrath exposes the severity and dearth of our protection. Specifically, white nationalist acts to “salvage” this nation, poses imminent threat to the unaware and cognitively unarmed.

And the catcher? This is only the beginning….

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