They call us pessimistic 

because we won’t smile for the optics

Because if their representation

Doesn’t yield a celebration

In your heart

Or mind

You’re the pessimistic kind

They quote Malcolm

but lack the courage to truly implement his practice

They hear the words of a revolutionary

and like the sound

but get gone when its finna go down

They sit where they should stand

fighting for a democracy that doesn’t exist

yet somehow believing that there’s unity because the African-adjacent call you “sis”

my ancestors died

for the white man’s supply

that didn’t run out because you got tired of fighting

that didn’t dissolve

amidst the optics of resolve

They call us pessimistic

because our interests aren’t determined by hashtags

and our actions are not motivated by trying to “get the bag”

we know the faces we see promote a national mythos

to keep us hypnotized

to keep us satisfied

to keep us believing that if we play their game right

we’ll get the grand prize




They call us pessimistic out of fear

that one day the masses

may also see the world 

just as clear



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  1. J.C. says:

    Peace beloved, I love it!

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