Whispers of a Womanist

A Black Female Perspective…



Life occurrences intertwined with the themes of race, gender and young adulthood. All names and locations have been changed unless noted otherwise.

Assessing the Howard Experience on its 150th Anniversary

The HBCU discussion has become a frequent component in many of my current conversations. This is partially in lieu of BET’s new series “The Quad” which issues multiple perspectives regarding the HBCU experience. My HBCU experience is scrutinized for one... Continue Reading →

The Brother on the Bridge: The Miseducation of Black Suicide

"Not dead, not dead, but escaped; not bond, but free.”

What Teaching Taught Me

I still remember writing my cover letter for my first college teaching job. I wrote that I wished to be the example for other minority women who wish to go far with their education. While my ambitions have proved fruitful... Continue Reading →

Things My Mother Taught Me

While it has been over two decades since I learned to walk, the lessons of my mother continue to guide me as her hands once did. Her voice- whispers in my mind as I stroll through life and even as I articulate my ideas on this blog. Furthermore, I am forever indebted to my mother as my mom, but also as a remarkable woman.

Damsel of Double Consciousness; How I learned to see myself in color

Racism. This word, amongst others, is a word you are more than acquainted with as a black woman. However, to experience it firsthand, these politics of race become personal. When I consider the depth of this statement, my mind journeys... Continue Reading →

Color Cryptonite: A Brown Girl’s Beauty Testimony

Perhaps the biggest burden of the black woman is to endure the shame cast upon her body. While there are countless sources of shame thrust upon the black female body during a lifetime, perhaps this first stone is cast by... Continue Reading →

Did you cut your hair? The Significance of Hair in the Black Community

Growing up my parents never told me my hair was anything special, in fact I hated my hair. Four braids each as big as two corn dogs, were hardly the portrait of beauty in my six year old mind. However,... Continue Reading →

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