Gentrifying The Black College, Deferred Dreams, and Institutionalized Ambitions

It is mid August, over six months after I got some unexpected news that I believed would take me closer to my dreams. After four years of writing, studying, and working at white institutions as a part- time college instructor I was admitted into a doctoral program at a historically black institution. People had doubted […]

A People Divided: The Diasporic Dissonance of the Dark Race

A Recurring Query   “Catherine Saunders”   stated my soon-to-be seventeen-year-old student in a desperate attempting to portray a conspicuously scripted conversation as natural. I felt a familiar feeling that foreshadowed where this conversation would go. So, I silently exhaled and tried to relax my muscles from an anticipated tension. “Are you mixed with Indian […]

Twenty-Five Years A Slave: Identity, Intersectionality, and Cultural Realization

Carol was a physically beautiful girl. She had tanned dark skin, dark eyes, and thick, curly hair. Intrigued by black culture, and even more so by black men, she sought to consummate her sexual curiosity by juxtaposing herself to black women—seemingly hoping to outshine black femininity with a presumed exoticness. Yet, somehow her invitation to […]

To Save a Slave: Consciousness, Ambivalence, and Social Responsibility

I write from a place of intense but familiar disheartenment. A feeling that only accompanies the stresses of being black, proud and hopeful that these feelings will prove contagious. While the state of the black collective is a general cause of concern given our systemic programming to self-destruct, this post will focus primarily on the […]

Dim Your Light Dark Girl: Invisibility and Black Femininity

After my first semester of teaching I was invited to meet with the department chair, a frumpy, middle aged- white woman who treated me like white retailers have my entire life–as if my presence depreciated the value of the company. She arrived over thirty minutes late for my meeting, a fact she would casually disregard […]

My Grandmother’s Face as a Gateway to Unveiling a Conscious Beauty

The reception to a comment I made on a post last week unveiled a problem in discussing racially ambiguous beauty with regard to black female identity. Namely, my comment praised multi-ethnic or biracial beauties like the late Vanity and another starlet who shall remain nameless due to her contentious comments as of late. As a […]

A Telling Exchange between a Free and Enslaved African

I read an interesting exchange in my blog this weekend. The exchange was beneath a post authored earlier this year regarding interracial dating. The comments painted members of the black collective somewhat predictably—those who understand interracial relationships as a strategy of our oppressors and those who individualize the subject and become intractably defensive. However, in […]