Streaming, Salons, and Lingerie–A Black Business Spotlight Founded by Numa Perrier and Dennis Dortch, this streaming service lives up to its name. Albeit most of the shows are about sex,  the platform though is not raughy or even risque, but depicts the under-discussed questions and conflicts that arise our sex—whether celibate or sexually fluid. All shows have a predominately, if not […]

Why OWN’s Checked Inn Checks all of Boxes in Positive Black Portrayal

Typically, black portrayal in white media proves a medley of stereotypes. From the welfare mother, to the jezebel, the mammy, the buck, tom, sapphire, and tragic mulatto, the black body remains confined to the caricatured imprisonment of the oppositional gaze. OWN’s new series Checked Inn strikes a new chord in black representation. The series focuses […]

Black Beauty Spotlight/ Mented Cosmetics and Nubian Skin

Transformation remains a central component of beauty. From foundation and contour powder that function to rework a woman’s face, to spanx —designed to instantly slim a woman’s figure—beauty is a quick fix designed to distance the female body from what she possesses naturally. Beauty, therefore, is toxic in nature and execution, conditioning the female body […]

Lipstick and Heels: Black Business Spotlight

Beauty is a central to the female experience. Originally excluded from the term woman, femininity–a privilege not allotted to the traditional black female, circumscribed black female beauty into an imposed masculinity. Contemporary culture welcomes black consumers– a relationship that falsely suggests an inclusion not manifested by popular brands.  Brands like MAC, NARS and Sephora earn […]

Eat This Not That: Unveiling Food Appropriation in the Black Community

Appropiation is perhaps one of the greatest areas of distress for the contemporary African in America. From Iggy Azalea as a hit making rapper, Angelina Jolie as the epitome of luscious lips to Kim Kardashian as the portrait of round derrieres, black people witness their ridiculed attributes celebrated on whites and non-blacks. While appropriation is typically […]

Spotlight: An Interview with Actress Andrea Lewis, Founder of JungleWild Productions

There’s a popular saying, “write what you know” and I truly believe in this advice. Be inspired by your own life and the people around you and then go and tell the story that inspires you the most. As a person of color I am inspired by my friends and family and they happen to look like me so as a writer I have an obligation to write about women and people of color because our stories are not told enough and creating these stories fulfills me.