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A Telling Exchange between a Free and Enslaved African

I read an interesting exchange in my blog this weekend. The exchange was beneath a post authored earlier this year regarding interracial dating. The comments painted members of the black collective somewhat predictably—those who understand interracial relationships as a strategy... Continue Reading →

The People versus O.J. Simpson, A Review

My insomnia makes Netflix an common late-night companion. Over the past week, my insomnia streak acquainted me with recent Netflix series The People v. OJ Simpson. The popular series produced by Hollywood veteran and controversial scientologist John Travolta, takes viewers... Continue Reading →

A Letter to a Revolutionary on his Birthday

Dear Elder El Hajj  Malik El Shabazz, I write to you from the twenty-first century, the year 2017 to be exact. I am a twenty-nine year old female, just a decade younger than you when you took your final breaths... Continue Reading →

Laugh Now Cry Later: How Black Male Rape as a Comedic Reference Thwarts Collective Consciousness

Many of the contemporary comedians share a noticeable similarity—they reference Bill Cosby’s rape allegations. Placing a serious matter in a comedy skit is a typical, yet self-deprecating for any black man to make light of how the Western world treats... Continue Reading →

They Called Her a Liar, A Book Review

The Tawana Brawley case is a prominent page in the black female narrative. Despite its vivid illustration of the dehumanization faced by the black female body, this page remains unread or glossed over by those most impacted by its truth.... Continue Reading →

Dear White People, A Netflix Series Review

With its contentious title and Netflix uproar, Dear White People premiered  to a reception unmatched by its competitors. Namely, Dear White People was deemed revolutionary before the first episode aired, due to the belief that if it pissed white people off... Continue Reading →

Girl, They Do Not Really Care About You: The Role of The Contemporary Black Female Body

Feminism is perhaps the biggest villain to black female intersectionality. Seducing the black female body to place gender before race, feminism thwarts the essential unity between females of the black collective to foment the initiatives of “all” women, and by... Continue Reading →

Where are the Black Women? Blackness and Black Female Portrayal

A friend recently informed me about Greenleaf, a show on Oprah Winfrey’s channel OWN that features a predominately black cast. I tuned to the channel excitedly, only to be disappointed to see a pattern consistent with black female representation--a racially... Continue Reading →

How Black are Black Businesses?

Supporting black businesses is a cherished pastime of most within the black conscious community. From eating at black restaurants that cook in a similar manner to your relatives, to buying hair products from someone with the same hair goals —supporting... Continue Reading →

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