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Cultural Controversy

Discussion of controversial topics within Race and Gender.

What the Eyelash Ambush Says To the Black Collective

If you have ever lived in or visited a black community, you’ve seen them. They occupy numerous corners. They accumulate countless black dollars. Dry cleaners. Chinese food restaurants. Nail Salons. Beauty Supply stores. These businesses remain staples of the black... Continue Reading →

Is Assata Welcome Too?

Contemporary preoccupation with immigration proves an interesting discourse in contemplating racism. Following Trump’s Muslim ban, several of my coworkers posted flyers outside of their offices/cubicles. The flyer states that Muslims, immigrants, and refugees are welcome. Similarly, I've seen these posters in... Continue Reading →

A Day Without Women? Try a Life Without One…

In solidarity with the traditional means in which America conceptualizes women, as a non-male white, the western world implemented “A Day Without Women.” This holiday asks women to take a day off from quotidian activities to illustrate the void that... Continue Reading →

Why Moonlight Won Best Picture…

Even prior to receiving the highest honor of Sunday evening's ceremony, Moonlight acquired abundant acclaim. The film, while praised for its narrative of a black gay male, encompasses a duality that warrants its acceptance by the The Academy. On the... Continue Reading →

Interracial Relationships: A Walking Death?

Just the other day, social media acquainted me with an image that I found rather disturbing. Oddly, the picture probably proved innocuous to most and sweet to others. The picture displayed a black woman alongside her boyfriend. While he appeared to... Continue Reading →

Beyonce-A Win For White Supremacy

Following her Grammy speech and performance, superstar Beyonce garnered abundant praise.  Beyonce’s grammy performance portrayed Queen Bey in a manner that proved as royal as her title. Beyonce’s look seemed reminiscent of the queens of our indigenous homeland— a connection... Continue Reading →

Runaway Slaves and Racial Regression

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late and great Michael Jackson, recently made headlines for publicly declaring her blackness. Jackson’s declaration undoubtedly caused many to reread her statement in disbelief and brought others to a jilted laughter. However, Jackson’s admission... Continue Reading →

The Howard Beach Hoax: White Lies and Black “Crime”

A few months ago, I made the mistake of reading an article about Howard Beach jogger, Karina Vetrano (30). But the biggest mistake I made was hoping for justice in this slain young lady’s murder. Nearly thirty years ago, I’m... Continue Reading →

Number 12 Doesn’t Look Like You…

Beauty. A common goal for women all around the world. In North America, the quest for beauty fosters countless billion dollar industries, careers and books. While beauty is a general conflict faced by women everywhere, beauty poses a unique impossibility... Continue Reading →

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