The Politics of Aesthetical Plagiarism: Examining “Is That All Your Hair?” And What Happens When Self-Hate Becomes Colloquial

The photo, a black and white image, was hardly a masterpiece. It a mere medley of full lips, expressive eyes, and freshly styled head of hair that was blown out and possessing a wave that fell beneath her shoulders. Noticing not the youth, the silly expression, or amateur photography skills, the gaze fixated on something […]

Rethinking the Black Hero, and Black “His” tory Month

One recurring phrase that dominates much of the discussion surrounding the recently released Black Panther film, is it’s function to grant black children an opportunity to “see themselves as super heroes.” This assertion is cringeworthy, in part because the movie is birthed from the mind of a racist, and in the overlooked reality that the […]

No, We Didn’t Wake Up Like This: Why The J Crew Ad is a Mirror of White Supremacy

As a female member of the black collective, I admit that hair matters far more than it should. In making this assertion, it is also imperative to note that this prominence is far from a self-inflicted wound—but a gash produced by those who drink black blood like Popeye drank spinach, morphing into a “stronger” “white […]

The Apple or The Tree? A Black Female Perspective on the White Male Predator Image

With regard to the Harvey Weinstein “scandal”my perspective deviates from the narrative produced by said exposure. The narrative that encouraged many to come forward with hashtags like #metoo, twists the horror of white male supremacy into a platform for feminism. This was almost as predictable as when Harvey Weinstein became Kevin Spacey, who will eventually […]

Marcellus Williams: The Incarceration and Capital Murder of the Black Body, and Why the Legal System is Globally Unforgivable

This week a man reduced to a number for the last nineteen years, received extensive coverage in lieu of obtaining a stay on his execution set to take place on Tuesday evening. His name? Marcellus Williams.   Due to new DNA evidence, there is now reasonable doubt cast in Williams’ murder conviction and for the […]

What to say to a dying man or woman: Weighing Life, Loss, and Love

Much thought has been placed onto the black bodies that populate death row, who proceed each day knowing when they will die. These so called criminals are thought to bear the ultimate punishment for grisly crimes, despite being the victims of the greatest crime to affect civilization–racism. I have thought extensively about what to say […]