How Whites and Non-Blacks Talk About Race 

This post will implement the unisex name “Leslie” to avoid overuse, and the subtle passive-aggressive tone of the  pronoun “they.”  Leslie, will symbolically represent white and non-black collectives respectively. Author’s Note: Leslie also encompasses the ideology of melanated individuals who are only black on the outside. Because these individuals, while dangerous, do not enjoy the […]

Things Blacks “not like other blacks” Say or Do

VSB (Very Smart Brothas) Writer and Editor Damon Young posted a hilariously brilliant article last month entitled “10 Signs You’ve Just Met a Black Person Who’s About to Tell You ‘I’m Not Other Black People.’” Check out the original article here. This list, captivating yet colloquial, reminded me of so many people I’ve met in […]

Disrespectful Moments from Insecure episode “Hella Disrespectful”

Molly’s Wig (s): Yvonne Orji is a beautiful woman. Yet her gorgeous African figures succumb to the unstated tragedy of unflattering wigs. This proves that inauthentic hair, be it a wig, weave, or unnatural hair color, is simply an injustice and insult to black beauty. FYI, I feel the same way about Issa’s dyed tresses, as it suggests […]

Things I like <3

Sammie’s “I’m Him” video: I like that the video features a black woman sans weave to showcase the natural beauty of the black woman. ❤ Assata Shakur’s Autobiography: It reads like a novel. Malcolm X: “The Ballot or The Bullet” Speech Dr. King’s A Stride Toward Freedom Black Power by Kwame Ture Mented Cosmetics Lipstick […]

Twenty-One People You’ll Meet on Your Stride Towards Consciousness

The road to consciousness is a long journey composed of many situations and people. These people and situations afford the conscious body an opportunity to evaluate their own behavior and actions—ultimately providing a chance for the individual to choose a collective ideology they'd like to adopt as their own, and those which they'd like to […]

Going Natural: Things That Happen on The Journey to an Elevated Consciousness

When most speak of going natural they mean freeing African hair from chemicals. This. liberating journey can be long, draining, and discouraging. The results however are unimaginable. Yes, returning your hair to its natural state is a tedious and gradual process, but even more so is freeing your mind from the chemicals of white supremacy. […]