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Everything, Everything: A Review

I always liked Amandla Stenberg. As Rue from The Hunger Games, she was convincing, sweet, strong and cute. Her beauty was and is both striking and comforting. So when she blossomed into what appeared to be an intellectual and activist,... Continue Reading →

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, A Review

The story of Henrietta Lacks is the narrative of black femininity. Lacks mirrors the exposed and dismembered Saartje Baartman in life and death exploitation, embodying the dehumanization and carelessness faced by countless black female bodies in traditional and contemporary settings.... Continue Reading →

Unforgettable, A Review

Unforgettable is a contemporary thriller that uses a traditional formula to stealthily depict societal anxieties around othered assimilation into traditionally white spaces. The film opens with Julia's (Rosario Dawson), job departure. Following her engagement to financier turned entrepreneur David (Geoff... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of the Beast

Beauty and the Beast starring Hogwarts alumni Emma Watson proves an allegorical commentary on race. The age old story of an arrogant prince humbled by an unassuming sorceress seemingly illustrates the power of true love, but covertly depicts blackness as... Continue Reading →

Get Out, A Review (Spoilers)

Jordan Peele’s directorial debut Get Out proves a fascinating engagement with the racial truths of the contemporary world. The film centers on interracial couple Chris and Rose who are traveling to meet Rose’s parents in a New York City Suburb.... Continue Reading →

Why Moonlight Won Best Picture…

Even prior to receiving the highest honor of Sunday evening's ceremony, Moonlight acquired abundant acclaim. The film, while praised for its narrative of a black gay male, encompasses a duality that warrants its acceptance by the The Academy. On the... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Your Negro, A Review

James Baldwin’s “I am Not Your Negro” succeeds in bridging past and present racial truths earning them a much deserved place in contemporary conversation. One of the most troubling ideologies of contemporary culture is the belief that the turmoil afforded... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Message of the Hidden Figures Film and Others Like It

It seems most fitting to begin this piece by stating that mathematician Katherine Johnson is a genius. Thus, a movie celebrating black brilliance sounds progressive, however the actual portrayal renders Johnson a “hidden figure” in a supposed commemoration of her... Continue Reading →

Fences, A Review

August Wilson is easily one of the most resonant writers of all time. His greatness lies in his ability to encompass the totality of the black psyche in a series of characters that resemble those you know and perhaps even... Continue Reading →

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