How Amma Asante’s Belle Romances Race Relations of the 17th Century

For it isn’t Dido that is being swept off her feet, it’s the viewers. Viewers are seduced by romance that distorts the facts of yet another testament to the conflict of being black and female. The resurrection of a tragic mullatto story as a timeless romance adds to the collective amnesia needed to distance those within and beyond the African diaspora of their roots.

How OWN’s Light Girls Didn’t Lighten the Matter of Colorism in the Black Community

The very division of the documentaries into Dark Girls and Light Girls, depicts the restricted and troublesome classification of black women. If we can’t even be joined together in documentary, how can we hold hand in a racist system that is against us both?

Why Frankie Could Never Be Alice: Mental Illness and Black Femininity

Thus, the initial indifference to Frankie’s story in Frankie and Alice, depicts a reality of mental illness within black femininity, that society is just not ready to accept. So, it wasn’t Alice’s story that was initially rejected, it was Frankie’s.