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Why Poussey’s Death proves that Orange is NOT the New Black

Netflix series Orange is the New Black debuted almost three years ago to a crowd that rejoiced in its seemingly diverse cast. Orange is the New Black, based on Piper Kerman’s book of the same title, reverses the dearth that... Continue Reading →

Trump-An American Apocolypse

Most inhabitants of the western hemisphere are well aware of the apocalyptic setting that frequents many popular films and novels. An apocalypse foments ideas of a destitute environment—a once abundantly populated region consumed by silence and disarray—an atmosphere reeking of... Continue Reading →

#TeacherBae and Sexuality as a Smokescreen to #BlackGirlMagic

This week, Patrice Brown made headlines after pictures of her in a tailored, knee-length pastel pink dress went viral. The picture offset a series of conversations about professional attire, and the sexualized black female body. However, Brown's popularity has little... Continue Reading →

Why Fade did not “Fade” The Hyper-Sexualized Black Female Image

Teyana Taylor resurfaced as a cultural phenomenon in Kanye West’s latest creation “Fade.” Although the creator of 2009’s “Google Me,” many have not googled Taylor in years. Not exactly a forgotten presence, Taylor launched her own company, and graced the... Continue Reading →

Beyonce’s Lemonade-More Sour than Sweet

"Becky with the good hair" shields an ignorant comment with the facade of entertainment--rendering blacks pawns in their own oppression. As pawns, fans overlook this problematic phrasing, and instead focus on unveiling Becky's identity. In prompting listeners to place a face to the phrase rather than question its relevance, the toxic phrase "good hair" endures celebration rather than the scrutiny it deserves.

Beyonce as Black Conscious?

My consistent criticism of popular culture is its often indifference to contemporary conflict. Admittedly Hollywood offers starlets, singers and others of the same sort a view from the top that all too frequently distances them from reality. Reality, well specifically... Continue Reading →

Viola Davis, and The Bittersweetness of Black Presence in Traditionally White Spaces

My eyes welt up with tears as Davis, beautifully dressed in an ivory gown with her hair unapolegitcally natural, took the stage to accept her honor. The tears were partially of pride, but mainly because Davis' win is merely another symbol to seduce society into believing the world "isn't so bad" for black folk.

Dear Miss America- Do Better

Vanessa Williams made waves this week with her return to the Miss America Stage. After serenading the audience with a powerful performance, Williams received an apology from current president of the organization Sam Haskell. The gesture received a mostly positive... Continue Reading →

Vexed by the VMA’s, The Morning After

I knew that I was in store for below mediocre performances and a medley of “politically correct” and not-so-politically correct behavior that both manage to offend anyone who is remotely racially conscious. With that said, the VMAs displayed consistently problematic behavior. This is not surprising as popular culture houses societal anxieties and perpetuates them as “entertainment.” While laughter and smiles are certainly good things, they are not positive if they are at the expense of racial cognizance.

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