Nice For What? Drake, #metoo, and Black Female Erasure

Degrassi Alum turned Rap superstar Aubrey “Drake” Graham recently joined the contemporary feminist performance with a new video for “Nice For What.” The song, a mash up of Lauryn Hill’s hit “The Ex factor” is a page in the New Orleans bounce sound, but the video is making waves for its atypical visuals— well, partially. […]

Beheading Ms. Badu: The Vulture Article and Undeserved Backlash

Revered Neo-soul singer Erykah Badu made headlines on the fourth Wednesday in 2018 for comments made during an interview with a white Jewish interviewer for Vulture magazine. As per usual, her remarks were taken out of context, Badu placed on a scaffold and be-headed in a social media paradigm that seeks to cast blacks as […]

Amara La Negra and the Political Dilemma of Diasporic Blackness in the Americas

As a black woman displaced into the Americas, it was an interesting experience to listen to Amara La Negra on the breakfast club with Angela Yee, Charlemagne, and DJ Envy. Their conversation illustrates the duality of denial and representation without actual reconciliation. “I thought you were black until you opened your mouth” The interview gets […]

Proud Mary, A Review: The Strong Black Woman as Superhero/ Assassin Medley

Proud Mary (2018) is a tale of emancipation well carried by Taraji P. Henson (Mary), Billy Brown (Tom), and Danny Glover (Benny), but poorly written and developed by the non-black males behind the scenes. Mary (Taraji P. Henson) a long time affiliate of Benny (Danny Glover), works to free herself from the chains of a […]

SZA’s “The Weekend” Video: The Good, The Bad, and The Upset

SZA’s “The Weekend” is a sensual track bearing the same content overlooked in the pristine vocals of the late Whitney Houston in “Saving All my Love” (1985). A contemporary rendition of the ode to the other-woman, SZA resurrects the seemingly long lost sound of rhythm and blues. The Weekend’s popularity proves that popular music does […]

Coolest “Monkey” in the Jungle or King of The World? The H&M Ad as a Call to Action for Affirmative Black Economics

H&M recently made headlines for a derogatory image that featured a young black boy in a green hoodie that read: The coolest monkey in the jungle. This degrading image depicts how the world views the black body simultaneously proving reminiscent of the 2011 Soho billboard that featured a black child in asserting the black female […]

Why OWN’s Checked Inn Checks all of Boxes in Positive Black Portrayal

Typically, black portrayal in white media proves a medley of stereotypes. From the welfare mother, to the jezebel, the mammy, the buck, tom, sapphire, and tragic mulatto, the black body remains confined to the caricatured imprisonment of the oppositional gaze. OWN’s new series Checked Inn strikes a new chord in black representation. The series focuses […]