Coolest “Monkey” in the Jungle or King of The World? The H&M Ad as a Call to Action for Affirmative Black Economics

H&M recently made headlines for a derogatory image that featured a young black boy in a green hoodie that read: The coolest monkey in the jungle. This degrading image depicts how the world views the black body simultaneously proving reminiscent of the 2011 Soho billboard that featured a black child in asserting the black female […]

Why OWN’s Checked Inn Checks all of Boxes in Positive Black Portrayal

Typically, black portrayal in white media proves a medley of stereotypes. From the welfare mother, to the jezebel, the mammy, the buck, tom, sapphire, and tragic mulatto, the black body remains confined to the caricatured imprisonment of the oppositional gaze. OWN’s new series Checked Inn strikes a new chord in black representation. The series focuses […]

Who’s Family? A Black Perspective on Jay-Z’s Family Feud Video

Two common ingredients in contemporary media that aims for modernity are: overwhelming presence of the female body from various racial and ethnic  background, and talk of unity Jay Z’s most recent music video for the song “Family Feud” contains both. The video– a theatrical (and costly) representation of a divided family seeking unity through external […]

Netflix Series She Gotta Have It: A Black Female Perspective

On the anniversary of the Native American Holocaust, popular film director Spike Lee debuted the series version of his 1986 film She Gotta Have It. Deviating from the black and white coloring that encased the original feature, Spike Lee reflects his contemporary gaze in living color.  Casting a black female lead who is a Hershey […]

The “Sparkle” of Meghan Markle and The Upcoming “Royal” Wedding

For the last year, Suits actress Meghan Markle has remained at the center of pop culture and media tabloids. Meghan Markle, the daughter of a black women and white man, illustrates the nuanced concept of bi-raciality. I use the word “nuanced” sarcastically as Markle’s contemporary function mirrors her past “mulatto” manifestation, mulatto referencing the diluted […]

Wake Me Up, and How Pop Culture Seduces Blacks to Sleep on White Supremacy

In a nutshell, the Remy Ma/ Nicki Minaj beef is an exploitation of the black female caricature. Specifically, Remy Ma’s rise from prison to the height of pop culture proves that it pays to function against those of your own collective.  Rapper Remy Ma’s new video “Wake Me Up” features a nostalgic sample of Mary […]

No, We Didn’t Wake Up Like This: Why The J Crew Ad is a Mirror of White Supremacy

As a female member of the black collective, I admit that hair matters far more than it should. In making this assertion, it is also imperative to note that this prominence is far from a self-inflicted wound—but a gash produced by those who drink black blood like Popeye drank spinach, morphing into a “stronger” “white […]