“We all Know This,” OJ’s release and Superficial Black Thought

The day has come. NFL legend and possibly the most popular defendant of all time—OJ Simpson was finally freed  from prison yesterday following a nine year sentence. While the charges may read “armed robbery,” Simpson served time for the murders of Ron Goldman and ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson— a statement I made to a relative […]

Cover-Up, Colored Girl

Over the last week I’ve watched numerous videos surface in celebration of Fenty Beauty— pop-star Rihanna’s new makeup line. Black women dominated much of the uploads and commentary, which seemed overwhelmingly positive. Perhaps positive is an understatement. The feedback was not out only abundant but elated at the opportunity to now access Rihanna’s aesthetics. Interestingly, […]

Maternalizing The Sexualized Black Body

Black female sexuality remains at the core of caricatured black female identity. Scandal’s Olivia Pope, the DC fixer by day and white male concubine at night, is easily the prototype for the black female roles that followed. Her hyper-sexuality quenched the western drought of the black female whore veiled in attributes like education, conventional success, […]

Disrespectful Moments from Insecure episode “Hella Disrespectful”

Molly’s Wig (s): Yvonne Orji is a beautiful woman. Yet her gorgeous African figures succumb to the unstated tragedy of unflattering wigs. This proves that inauthentic hair, be it a wig, weave, or unnatural hair color, is simply an injustice and insult to black beauty. FYI, I feel the same way about Issa’s dyed tresses, as it suggests […]

OWN’s Black Love Docu-Series, A Review of Episode One

If you watch Maury, black love is dysfunctional, careless, and rooted in lust. The same can be said for many other “reality” television shows from court series to VH1 shows that anchor themselves in portraying the black man and black woman as hyper-sexual entities incapable of functioning in their shared state of incivility. The black […]