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Is Assata Welcome Too?

Contemporary preoccupation with immigration proves an interesting discourse in contemplating racism. Following Trump’s Muslim ban, several of my coworkers posted flyers outside of their offices/cubicles. The flyer states that Muslims, immigrants, and refugees are welcome. Similarly, I've seen these posters in... Continue Reading →

Remembering Mari Evans

Poet. Essayist. Black Arts Figure. Black Woman. Soldier. Voice. Mari Evans. These words fractionally represent late writer Mari Evans. Mari Evans, an Indianapolis-based writer of the Black Arts Movement, made her transition Friday, March 10th at the age of ninety-three.... Continue Reading →

Ben Carson and the Dangers of Black Exceptionalism

Dr. Ben Carson made headlines for this week for his comments aligning immigrants and enslaved Africans. This comment produced its intended effect and proved viral, prompting many to attack Carson for his comments.While many condemned Carson’s for his words few... Continue Reading →

What the “ColorBlind Haircut” Story Actually Says About Contemporary American Culture

This week Jaxon Rosebush and Reddy Walden made headlines for their matching haircuts. Jaxon, a four-year-old child of the majority, told his mother that he wanted to get a haircut like his friend Reddy Walden so that they could “trick... Continue Reading →

Contemplating Kalief Browder, The Young Man and his Documentary Portrayal

I could not watch the Kalief Browder documentary when it first aired on Wednesday night. In both life and death, Kalief made systemic injustice real and seeing his face—hardened by the realities of an unbalanced system—rendered my sentiments into a... Continue Reading →

Remy V. Nicki Minaj: Rap Battle or Self-Destructive Technique?

Last weekend, much of the contemporary world became consumed with Bronx rapper Remy Ma’s diss track directed at rapper Nicki Minaj. Remy Ma’s vulgar and non-restrictive bars received abundant praise, many claiming that Martin “killed” Minaj with her verses. Remy’s... Continue Reading →

A Conscious Clapback…

My posts regarding interracial dating have proved quite contentious. While uncertain if this post is productive, I’d like to take a moment to discuss the symbolic significance of said contention. Namely, in a post authored last week, I concluded my... Continue Reading →

Black Oscar Nominations: Talking Points and Tokenism

Following my post on black beauty, I received a comment that referenced the number of black nominees for the upcoming Oscars. It then became obvious to me that these black nominees surfaced for this very reason—to occupy a point of... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Your Immigrant

My last name is Saunders. I am a descendant of Africans kidnapped from the continent centuries ago. My last name is a visible reminder of the chains that bound my ancestor's limbs as they sat, cramped on the ship that... Continue Reading →

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