The Donald Glover Cover

  FX’s Atlanta presents what is largely missing from black portrayal—an unadulterated portrayal of black life.  The series does not feature picturesque characters  of the cookie cutter  sort. Though the series lead Earn (OG) is a Princeton graduate  and in real-life Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) is a Yale graduate—the series captures a narrative that […]

Remembering Activist Darren Seals

Introduction George Washington. Thomas Jefferson. Christopher Columbus. These are just a few of the white men history remembers favorably–despite their unfavorable actions. Washington was a slave owner. Jefferson was a rapist. Columbus was a thief. Yet,  the date of their earthly arrival remains a national celebration. Those of us subject to the contemporary enslavement enabled by […]

I am an Afrodemic

Preface I did not want to publish this piece, because I feared it centralized someone not even worthy of an honorable mention. In writing this piece, it became evident that this experience was not about either individual involved, but demonstrative of an institutionalized problem frequently experienced but seldom articulated. I originally authored this piece in […]

Acrimony, A Review

Torn between my indifference for Tyler Perry’s fascination of the black female narrative, and a desire to support Taraji P Henson as lead actress, my experience viewing the movie proved just as ambivalent. Acrimony tells the story of Melinda (Taraji P. Henson) who viewers meet a court hearing where she is advised to stop “harrassing […]