Whispers of a Womanist

A Black Female Perspective…

Jordan Edwards and “Thug” Politics

While the white media focused on the attire worn by so call celebrities at the Met Gala, another black boy lay in a morgue, prematurely murdered at the hands of police. Jordan Edwards, a fifteen year old high school freshman... Continue Reading →

A Studied Species: Examining the Formula of White Authored Series Starring Black Bodies

The black collective is under attack. This is nothing new, but the role of television is a fairly new approach, about fifty years in the making. Television, well American entertainment in general has always been geared towards whites. Exclusion functioned... Continue Reading →

Black Beauty Spotlight/ Mented Cosmetics and Nubian Skin

Transformation remains a central component of beauty. From foundation and contour powder that function to rework a woman’s face, to spanx —designed to instantly slim a woman’s figure—beauty is a quick fix designed to distance the female body from what... Continue Reading →

Is this Us? An Analysis of NBC series This Is Us

Few shows rise to the instant praise of NBC’s This is Us. This is Us debuted late last year and occupies a consistent place on Facebook and Twitter timelines. Weekly, viewers lament on the beauty of the writing and acting,... Continue Reading →

Shame on You Shea Moisture

One of the most resounding articles on black femininity last year was Ta-nehisi Coates’ “Nina Simone’s Face.” The article brilliantly examined how western ideology disrupts the black quest for aesthetic complacency. Perhaps the most prevalent of Coates’ claims was the... Continue Reading →

The Black Lives Matter Prom Dress: Revolutionary or Risqué?

A colleague sent me the  viral photo of high school senior Milan Morris’ prom dress. The gown—engulfed with photos of those slain by the police in the last five years-- is an instant masterpiece. Morris, a stunningly beautiful girl, is... Continue Reading →

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, A Review

The story of Henrietta Lacks is the narrative of black femininity. Lacks mirrors the exposed and dismembered Saartje Baartman in life and death exploitation, embodying the dehumanization and carelessness faced by countless black female bodies in traditional and contemporary settings.... Continue Reading →

Unforgettable, A Review

Unforgettable is a contemporary thriller that uses a traditional formula to stealthily depict societal anxieties around othered assimilation into traditionally white spaces. The film opens with Julia's (Rosario Dawson), job departure. Following her engagement to financier turned entrepreneur David (Geoff... Continue Reading →

Girl, They Do Not Really Care About You: The Role of The Contemporary Black Female Body

Feminism is perhaps the biggest villain to black female intersectionality. Seducing the black female body to place gender before race, feminism thwarts the essential unity between females of the black collective to foment the initiatives of “all” women, and by... Continue Reading →

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