What Happened When I “Came for” Cardi B.: The Cardi B. Conscious ClapBack

I’ll be honest with you, I never intended to author a post on Cardi B. The post reflects an aspiring writing seizing an opportunity to practice the skill to which she has dedicated my life. Before I continue, I want to state that I do not regret anything that I posted. I do however regret […]

Twenty-One People You’ll Meet on Your Stride Towards Consciousness

The road to consciousness is a long journey composed of many situations and people. These people and situations afford the conscious body an opportunity to evaluate their own behavior and actions—ultimately providing a chance for the individual to choose a collective ideology they'd like to adopt as their own, and those which they'd like to […]

Going Natural: Things That Happen on The Journey to an Elevated Consciousness

When most speak of going natural they mean freeing African hair from chemicals. This. liberating journey can be long, draining, and discouraging. The results however are unimaginable. Yes, returning your hair to its natural state is a tedious and gradual process, but even more so is freeing your mind from the chemicals of white supremacy. […]

No Justice No Peace: Asserting A Black Perspective of Contemporary White America

This week in America has shocked some, scared most, angered others and left many with a series of inquiries. The murders of Alton Sterling, and Phillando Castile echo previous racial injustice seen in slain black bodies such as Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner , Freddie Gray and Mike Brown. However, this week’s tragedies occurring […]