Beyonce as Black Conscious?

My consistent criticism of popular culture is its often indifference to contemporary conflict. Admittedly Hollywood offers starlets, singers and others of the same sort a view from the top that all too frequently distances them from reality. Reality, well specifically speaking- black reality observes a prominent presence in Superstar Beyonce’s latest video Formation. While the […]

The Perfect Guy and its imperfect Portrayal of Black Women as Unhappily Ever After

On the surface, The Perfect Guy seems like an innocuous fall feature of ebony eye-candy, or merely a sexy thriller. The Perfect Guy, narrates the life of protagonist Leah, a modern day woman equipped with an education, enviable wardrobe and ongoing quest for love.  Directed by David Rosenthal, who is white and written by Alan […]

Remembering Amelia Boyton Robinson, The Last of a Dying Breed

On Wednesday, the world lost one of its most courageous spirits- Amelia Boyton Robinson. While her one hundred and four years sounds plentiful to most, the melancholy feelings that linger in her absence marks the tragedy of a breed that is literally dying or dead.        Boyton Robinson was a pivotal presence in […]

The Convenience of Sisters and Suicide: A Discussion of Sandra Bland and Bobbi Kristina

While the untimely loss of these two young ladies hurts many, white media personifies their indifference in their attempts to scorn the legacy of both women with whispers of suicide. Talk of suicide with regard to the black female body is not only blasphemy but it makes a mockery of the systematic racism that murdered both young women.

Amandla the Great: What Amandla Stenberg Teaches us About Loving Blackness

A Pattern of Appropriation Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg (Rue) made waves this week after confronting Kardashian Klan member Kylie Jenner for her cultural appropriating ways. While Jenner has a history of cultural appropriation, her latest act- donning cornrows in an Instagram picture prompted yet another discussion of cultural appropriation.       Cultural appropriation is […]

Spotlight: An Interview with Actress Andrea Lewis, Founder of JungleWild Productions

There’s a popular saying, “write what you know” and I truly believe in this advice. Be inspired by your own life and the people around you and then go and tell the story that inspires you the most. As a person of color I am inspired by my friends and family and they happen to look like me so as a writer I have an obligation to write about women and people of color because our stories are not told enough and creating these stories fulfills me.