The Black Man, Better As Fiction?

It is interesting to see so many outraged by the reaction to sixteen-year-old Mah’Kia Bryant’s murder. Just after many rejoiced in Derek Chauvin’s conviction, the sixteen-year-old took her last breaths following a fatal shot from the police officers she called for assistance. Her murder illuminates a vicious cycle that promises to obliterate more black youth,…

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, A Black Female Perspective

Amidst career-defining roles, Academy-Award Winner Viola Davis, and the late Chadwick Boseman in perhaps his most poignant role yet, is the power of the immortal black writer. The feat of writers like August Wilson is that they implement the colonial language as a way to liberate the black voice from systemized silence. Wilson fills this…

Remembering Chadwick Boseman

Never, could I have imagined I’d be writing this tonight.

” He who becomes an ancestor too soon breaks hearts for leaving the living with what could have been—what might have been if we only had a bit more time.”