Killing Kanye West

It is more than tempting to observe Kanye West’s behavior and dismiss him as a man disturbed, he who is “off his meds,” or occupying Jordan Peele’s “The Sunken Place.” To this, I would strongly advise those of African descent to eschew the common route, for it’ll lead you straight to the gallows. As a…

Vexed by the VMA’s, The Morning After

I knew that I was in store for below mediocre performances and a medley of “politically correct” and not-so-politically correct behavior that both manage to offend anyone who is remotely racially conscious. With that said, the VMAs displayed consistently problematic behavior. This is not surprising as popular culture houses societal anxieties and perpetuates them as “entertainment.” While laughter and smiles are certainly good things, they are not positive if they are at the expense of racial cognizance.