“Nina” as a Contemporary Lynching of a Legend

“Nina” as a Contemporary Lynching of a Legend

The Whispers of Womanism initially commented on the casting choice for the upcoming Nina Simone biopic when the news first made headlines. While the weight of the tragedy seemed in full flight upon this announcement, seeing the trailer enhanced any and all ominous feelings provoked in the announcement.   In the "Nina" trailer viewers see [...]

Blacks As Accessories in Racial Terrorism

While our outward appearance showcases only a portion of our character, accessories work to showcase the concealed components of identity. Upon saying the word accessory most think of bracelets, watches, rings, scarves or some other tangible material goods. However, contemporary society has depicted a transition from accessories as inanimate object to living thing. This transition [...]

Phallusy: The Blue in the American Flag

<a The Blues of the Blue Collar Bully The abundance of police brutality on the black community has taken over both the personal and political of contemporary society. Perhaps now is an ideal cause to contemplate the profile of our offenders.Despite being offered white collar privileges, the police profession is literally blue collar. The academy [...]

The Sting Behind a Smile: The Malevolence of Micro Aggressions

Micro aggression:a passive act of abrasive intentions and undertones. Prejudice has not been eliminated from contemporary society, overt prejudice has. Long gone are the days of blunt statements denouncing  minorities or signs of exclusion. Present are invitations strategically placed and worded to include a small few and discard the potential of participation of others. Present [...]