Beyonce’s Lemonade-More Sour than Sweet

“Becky with the good hair” shields an ignorant comment with the facade of entertainment–rendering blacks pawns in their own oppression. As pawns, fans overlook this problematic phrasing, and instead focus on unveiling Becky’s identity. In prompting listeners to place a face to the phrase rather than question its relevance, the toxic phrase “good hair” endures celebration rather than the scrutiny it deserves.

Phallusy: The Blue in the American Flag

<a The Blues of the Blue Collar Bully The abundance of police brutality on the black community has taken over … More

The Sting Behind a Smile: The Malevolence of Micro Aggressions

Micro aggression:a passive act of abrasive intentions and undertones. Prejudice has not been eliminated from contemporary society, overt prejudice has. … More